Which Odyssey Putter is Right for You?

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Paul Revere says:

Are the weights interchangeable on the Stroke Lab putters? If so, where can I buy them?

Golf Boyz says:

I personally have a stroke lab odyssey putter it’s the best!

Patrick Sevvi says:

What is the difference between "double wide and "double wide flow"? Can't find it on any review..

Vincent Ramon says:

Bonjour, why do I change my old 2 balls SRT ????? Merci .

Ethan Davies says:

Why do you guys claim that a toe hang putter will help people who block their putts whereas Ian Fraser at Tour Experience Golf says that the opposite of this is the case and that toe hang putters actually want to open more on the way back and close less on the way through due to the weight being toe dominant (which makes more sense). Not trying to be funny, just curious as to how you could come away with two putters that are the complete opposite of each other depending on who fits you.

Sodthong says:

I like the putters but the grips are just awful, you need to offer a toned down option imo.

Golf Boyz says:

Nice putters

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