Which Putter Will Work For You?

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In this final video of the Lost Art of Putting series me and Performance coach Karl Morris look at what putter design can work for you plus the best pre shot routine for your game.
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Shadow On the Sun says:

How does someone have trouble centering the ball with a frickin putter?? ?‍♂️

brucenlittlepictures says:

This music is a complete fail for a golf video. Haha

margo sillett says:

I've had my putter for two years I was 11 now I am 13 it's time for a new one what putter would u pick like scotty or coment Taylormade spider

margo sillett says:

I pick my putter

I Carter says:

Video starts @4:20. You're welcome fam

Gabe Hodge says:

Scotty cameron is the reason my putting is as good as it is lol

John Kelly says:

Pick my putter odyssey white hot

Chris Joao says:

HAHA DUDE! That intro song does not fit man. Do not ever use it again.

michael charney says:

Odyssey 2 ball blade

Royale Gamer says:

Pick my puttee

Steven Wyatt says:

What’s the name of the song played at the start and who is it by?

Tango Charlie says:

Bettinardi? More like Butterdinardi. (Get it?)

Mr. Batman says:

………… pick my putter …………

Oller MC says:

Pick my putter

Pete Ngamsopee says:

u need to change the intro song.

JR says:

What a load of bull. Which putter? Have you got one there for less than 20 bucks? Uh huh, well how much are they? WHAT!!? For that? Who'd be that dumb to pay that much for that? Yeah, you would. I think I'll skip this lesson. Nothing more boring than golfers that think their "game" matters.

MrJim1032 says:

pick my putter

Michael McCaffrey says:

pick my putter

damienomahony1 says:

Pick my putter!! ?️‍♂️⛳️

fricijus says:

Pick my putter

Allen Wilson says:

Bought the book because of this series…

Nathan Beattie says:

Pick my putter

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