Which TaylorMade iron suits me?

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Mj says:

On game improvement irons does a slow swing speed affect how the clubs perform between brands

David Harrick says:

Great Video guy's, very informative

James Durden says:

I’m a high handicapper and I originally bought the M6. Took them back and swapped them out for the 790. I like the feel of the 790’s and had better control on the simulator compared to the M6. Previous clubs were Calloway forged irons. I definitely like the feel of forged… I’ll never go buy another set that doesn’t have at least a forged face.

Adrian Cruz says:

Where would you place the sim irons on the list?
Thank you

Alex C. says:

does it make more sense to compare the different irons with the similar (same) loft than "7" iron?

Hunter Battisto says:

JPX 919 Forged vs P790? The JPX 919 Forged is more forgiving? What would you consider the most forgiving forged iron? Thanks

TriathleteBrazileiro USA says:

Thank you for the review! I just start playing and good thing saw this video!!

Kevin Howell says:

p790 12 or less? lol a 18 handicapper can easily play these

Andhi Anggoro says:

Hi, very good review. I am a beginner, start practising golf less than a year and want to buy new iron set, would you suggest me which one is fitted for the beginner like me: Taylormade M6, Honma TW747P or Tietlist AP3 718.? Cheers

Michael Mangan says:

Great review. Love the honest hcap guideline at the end, exactly what consumers need to know.

Buster 888 says:

These guys are amazing

Jude O says:

Very dope review!

Daniel Castaneda says:

I play the p760s with a 5 handicap. Love them so much.

Big Merse says:

Where’s the 2019 M2?

mike hunt says:

Get some ping s55s
Had them for years can't beat them!

The Golf Father says:

11.2 and play the P760s with a P790 3 iron instead of a 3rd fairway wood. 770s are forgiving enough.

Stephen DiBari says:

I’m a 2.4 handicap and love the P760. Looking to compare these to the Ping i210 and maybe Titleist CB come springtime with graphite shafts to help my recovery from rotator cuff surgery i had on 18 Dec 2019.

How would compare them 3 irons in terms of feel, forgiveness and not so much distance ( I believe the CB are 2 deg weaker loft, 7 iron is 35 deg, 33 deg for both i210 & P760). Thanks ! I’m favoring the i210’s mostly on they look more forgiving, better looking and sole design.

Bearjumper55 says:

Well done video! Lots of good information without the fluff!!!

kurt mathews says:

That’s how you do a review. Thanks.

Nathan Sparks says:

I tested both the M CGB and the M6 and the launch you get off both clubs is ridiculous! I play off 20 and went for the M CGB just because on poor shots i found it would still get up and go whereas the M6 was slightly worse.

Jeff Ward says:

When will we see a "same loft comparison"? I get the distance, but consistency and control is more important to many. How about an average golfer with same (close to same) lofts comparison?

Christian Mikhael says:

Hi I am a 14 handicap. I am fairly good iron stricker but lose shots due to my short game. I went for club fitting and the fitter suggested the P790 with a stiff shaft. My swing speed with a 7 iron is about ~ 80MPH. When I asked about the M5 or M6 he told me these are not suited for my level. I only tested the 7 iron and I was hitting it really good. He seem to suggest that other clubs will have more offset. I have a tendency to hook/draw the ball too much. Do you think it is a good idea for me to go with the P790?

Ed Giroux says:

im begin told that I need a 120g shaft by a fitter but I only swing 85 ish MPH. i'm about a 12 to 15 hcp and am interested in M6, fitter said I don't need "Game improvement" iron. But I rarely hit the sweet spot, so he has me confused. I liked the way the ball jumped off the M6 when I trid them. I never have a problem getting the ball up in the air. My question is, what would a Dynamic Gold S300 120g shaft do to the ball flight height VS the factory shaft?

Joseph says:

Some of the best reviews, made simple. Good job

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