Who Can Use The Taylormade 2.0 Burner Irons

http://internetgolfprofessional.com/ Mark Crossfield responds to a YouTube comment about the Taylormade Burner 2.0 golf irons. watch the video instruction to see who Mark thinks could use the TaylorMade 2.0 golf irons and what handicap would benefit from the new Taylormade irons.

49 thoughts on “Who Can Use The Taylormade 2.0 Burner Irons

  1. I have been golfing for only about a year and a half and still struggle
    with proper ball positioning for each iron along with proper weight
    distribution for each iron. Could you do a “place ball here for this iron”
    type of video?

  2. Love the videos I use graphite cobra s2 max irons but feel like I need a
    change to steel shaft I am looking at callaway raze and diablo forged Also
    taylormade burner 2.0 and superlaunch any suggestions as I don’t have a
    handicap but play only few times a year Thx again

  3. Im a strong long game player but my short game off the green wise isnt the
    sharpest. I’m looking at either the burner plus’ and the 2.0 which would be
    best forgiveness wise. Please reply subbed aswell.

  4. hi just wandering if i got these irons cut down half an inch whether it
    would affect the distance that they would go compared with the original

  5. Do you think the “hot spot” on the 1.0’s would actually discourage a higher
    handicapper from using them? Or is it as less significant problem then it

  6. if you score level par for the course on average, you would play off 0
    (scratch) if say you go round in a score of 90 (on average) and the par of
    that course is 72, then you would have a handicap of 18, the highest you
    can be is 28, hope that explained it 🙂

  7. @Ezprezzo741 Just made some drastic changes to my game and have finally
    stated to break 80! So far my low is 76… Decided to go with the new Nike
    Victory Red Pro Blades

  8. Hi mark, im 15 years old with a handicap of 14, my dad is giving me £400 to
    spend on a new set of irons, have you got any reccomendations ? thanks Rob

  9. hey, im a 2 handicap, and i just had the victory red half cavity’s. i
    bought a set of r9 irons and i was wondering if it would take away from
    spin and workability. Thanks

  10. Hey Mark, I am around a 10 to 15 handicapper and I’m 5’3. I’m looking to
    buy some new clubs and was wondering what you would recommend, my swing
    speed isn’t super fast so any input you have would be appreciated thanks.

  11. Hi Mark. What’s with all the different versions of the burner? Are they
    really that different (other than in price and design?). I’m looking at a
    set to replace my ageing Nike Sumo SQ’s but haven’t a clue between the 1.0,
    the 09 and the 2.0 versions. 🙁

  12. i got these clubs for christmas and i can hit them perfectly…im a 16
    handicapper!!! get at least an extra 15-20 yards more distance….quality

  13. I got fitted for clubs earlier to day. the burners were second to none with
    my swing. i tried plenty of brands ping to callaway to anything. great clubs

  14. Hey Mark! Love the videos I was thinking if you could do a comparison
    between the new TAYLORMADE R11 HYRBRID and the ADAMS GOLF A7 HYRBRID. I
    need a new hybrid and would really appreciate some pro tips. I subscribed
    to you because I really like the reviews you do, I hope you can help me

  15. Hi Mark, i’m finding your videos really helpful with inproving my game. i
    have only just started playing so my handicap is 28, would the Burner 2.0
    help my get my handicap down or can you recommend a set that would. once
    again thank you as your training tip they are helping me.

  16. Mark, Tim here from Texas. I am looking at purchasing a new set of clubs I
    have had the Calloway Big Bertha irons for 5 years and play at a 7
    handicap. I’m in my early 50’s and losing a little distance. I’m looking at
    either the MIzuno MX 1000 or the Taylor Made 2.0 Burner what do you think?
    I enjoy your videos great tips thanks. Tim.

  17. Hi Mark, i watch all your vids and just dug this one out, glad you changed
    your camera 🙂 I bought these 2.0’s 2 weeks ago, i still haven’t had my
    handicap registered but would say form my rounds i am about 20-22. These
    have improved my distance and control ten fold in just 2 weeks, thanks for
    the review, keep it up mate, quality channel, none better.

  18. hey mark, i am around a 12 handicap and i was looking for a new iron set
    and i am on a budget, what clubs do you think would be a good set for me
    around 200-300 dollars used?

  19. Hey mark i’ve been playing golf for 7 years now am a junior in HS,
    currently have Mizuno Zoid Pro set, they’re still functioning well but seem
    to have lost some “pop” in my opinion. I’m looking at these burner 2.0’s
    and the Mizuno JPX800 (Pro) set. I hit an extremely high ball ( much higher
    than most people that I play with ) and was wandering which set would be
    more tailored to my playing style? My handicap is currently 14.

  20. im playing on my high school golf team and i’m at the point were i want to
    take my game to the next level,iron wise. do u suggest composite ir forged
    irons best.

  21. each hole is given a “stroke index” number between 1 and 18, 1 will be
    considered to be the hardest hole on the course through to 18 being
    considered as the easiest, so if you had a handicap of 10 you would
    “receive” 1 extra stroke on holes with a stroke index of between 1 and 10,
    but if you were say 24, you would receive an extra stroke on all 18 holes
    plus 6 more on the 6 hardest holes (s.i 1-6)

  22. I just got my Burner 2.0 steel shaft regular flex. How come your set has
    that chrome cap thing connecting the shaft and head? Mine doesn’t have that

  23. Mark, I really enjoy your videos and thank you for the insight you
    provide…it has helped my game tremendously. I am ready to purchase a new
    set of clubs and I wanted to get your opinion between the Callway Razr X
    and Burner 2.0 irons. I have also been considering the Wilson Di11, based
    on your previous video postings. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.

  24. @tbow49 Hi Tim thanks for the comments, I would say the 2.0 Taylormade
    irons are much better than the MX1000. For distance the 2.0 are hard to
    beat. Hope that helps.

  25. HI Mark, i play off a 12 handicap. I am looking for a new set of irons. I
    would like to know which ones would you recommend. Ive been looking at the
    Titleist AP2’s and the Mizuno Mp-53’s. Would just like to know which would
    be best. cheers mitch

  26. Hi Mark I havethinking of trading in my callaway x16 for the Taylor Made
    Burner 2.0. I play off 13 and am looking for a bit more distance and
    consistency. Also do you think the black finish is durable. Cheers Mike

  27. Mark, Cody here i play a 18 handicap and have recently bought the burner
    2.0’s. I feel they go much lower then my old mizuno’s. I was wondering if
    it was the swing or the club itself? I am losing stopping power around the
    green for such a low ball flight. I am possibly thinking on buying new
    irons. Any suggestions? Price is no option.

  28. hey mark i have been playing for almost a year and i am 13 and i have had
    some jonior clubs but will grow out of them do you think the burners 2.0
    are good for me?

  29. Hi Tim i am a 13 year old golfer who has been playing the game for five
    years and i have the Taylormade Burner09 irons and i need some new clubs
    because those are getting too short for me and they are making me lose
    distance i want to stick with Taylormade but i am stuck between choosing
    the Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons or the new MC TP irons i am looking for
    distance but at the same time accuracy. Wich do you recommend? +-

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