Who has the best golf swing? #golf #shorts #golftiktok

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#golf #shorts
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Simon Evans says:

Colin or Rors

Craig Witmer says:

1. Rory, 2 Xander

Craig Witmer says:

Hard to beat rory

Fruittway says:

Easily Collin and rory

RikkiTikkiTavi says:

Its the smooth effortless looking swings that speak of true greatness to me, so have to go with Rory then Morikawa. Alot of the other guys have great swings and produce amazing results, but most of their swings look like they have to compensate for swinging really hard to keep their balance.

Nolan.dimes🏈 says:

my dad sponsors max homa he works for burns&wilcox

BP Golf says:

Rory’s swing is pure!

Rob Chisholm says:

Wilco Neinaber hits the best bombs

Tyler Zuege says:

Rory no one had a chance

Cheezur says:

Rory of course.

Curryprod says:

Xander schaffule is underrated!!!!!

rad tut says:

Me but besides me it’s very clearly Rory, not even debatable

Xavier Henriques says:

The one that wins most often

joeblowjohndoe says:

Not Daniel berger

Henry Yin says:

Rory for sure.

Damian Hallsworth says:

Rory then Colin

j b says:

They are all the best swings!

Tom May says:

Best til last 🤷‍♂️

Beanie Gamer says:

Morikawa…the samurai swing is the best 👌

Noah Linick says:

Rory all the way

Liam Blumeris says:

Colin definitely it's so smooth

Few moments later

Ahh Rory 😍

Nhlakanipho Sangweni says:

Rory McIlroy.

Samuel Bagshaw says:

Rory and colin

DTB says:

Rory Xander then Colin

꧁ᵗᵃᶻʳᵉᵉ𝐦𝐞𝐨𝐰꧂ says:


Tomás Connolly says:

Xander for me

Sam Kambesis says:

No Adam Scott?

C Millo says:

Justin Rose’s is severely underrated

Oliver Warman-Johnson says:

Rory and Colin easy

Laser Eyes says:

Rory has best finish

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