Golf Swing Biomechanics and Hip Rotation

Golf biomechanics is the study of how the body moves during the golf swing.

One important aspect of this is hip rotation. Hip rotation is when the hips turn during the golf swing. This helps to generate power and speed. It also helps to keep the club on plane. If the hips rotate too much, it can cause the club to come over the top and hit the ball off-center.

There are many biomechanical factors that contribute to a successful golf swing. One of the most important is hip rotation. When the hips rotate properly, it provides the power and torque necessary to generate speed and drive the ball a long distance. If the hips don't rotate properly, it can lead to a loss of power and reduced distance. Another important factor is weight transfer. This refers to the movement of your weight from your back foot to your front foot during the swing. This helps you generate momentum and keeps your center of gravity low, which also contributes to more power and distance.

There are many biomechanical factors that contribute to a successful golf swing. Hip rotation is one of the most important. When the hips rotate correctly, it creates a coiling effect that stores energy in the muscles and tendons. This energy is then released during the downswing, providing power and added distance to the shot. Proper hip rotation also helps to keep the club on plane throughout the swing, ensuring accuracy.

Proper golf swing biomechanics are essential for generating club head speed and hitting the ball with power. One of the key elements is proper hip rotation. When executed correctly, hip rotation will help you generate more club head speed and hit the ball further. It's important to note that hip rotation starts from the ground up. The first move is to shift your weight back to your rear leg. From there, you initiate the downswing by rotating your hips toward the target. This action will help you generate more power and hit the ball further.

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  1. The one and only time I ever went golfing I kept hitting the ball along the ground, so I stopped drawing the club back as far, and was able to hit good and straight.

  2. Thanks for the tip Danny. This was very helpful. I don’t really have a problem with my woods and driver, but strangely irons were often a problem for me. Can’t wait to go down the course now with the new setup!

  3. Thanks Danny. Trevino used to teach ring the towel to improve putting. Didn't know it works for iron shots too. I've been striking it better ever since you mentioned it.

  4. Thanks Danny, came across your channel a few weeks ago and love the style, and clearly understandable tips and images you give, please keep it up!
    Having said that… I love the image of looking over your shoulder to describe the shoulder movement in the backswing, but am struggling to picture or grasp the "1 O'clock, 2 O'clock, 3 O'clock, 4 O'clock image for the hands movement. Where is the clockface in relation to? Any words to clarify what the clockface is in relation to gratefully received!

  5. I'm a new golfer as this is my first year. I'm currently taking lessons, but still like to watch YouTube videos cause everyone has little tips, here and there that help in different why's. I've watched thousands of videos and too be honest I was going backwards in my golf swing cause everyone had a different opinion. Then I came across your videos, I made myself stop watching the other videos, not cause they didn't know what their talking about, because your videos are so well explained and detailed. This video in particular was a God send too me. This was me to a T, I used these tips the other day finally and it changed my game TREMENDOUSLY.

    Thank you for your well explained and detailed videos. I can see your love for teaching people and the game. If you where closer I'd set up a hands on lesson in a heartbeat.

    If I could recommend a video from you, I'd like too see the perfect on plane video with lines and everything.

    Thank you again

  6. Oh my gosh. The wring out the golf grip feel is what I been been searching for forever. I kept trying to find someone to stop getting flat in the back swing and having the face open, this is it!

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