Why Amateurs Can't Swing Like The Pros (Reverse Your Sequence)

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Aurelio Bianco says:

Can you explain the alligator jaws analogy a little better??

Terry Graff says:

I have watched many videos on this and this is best explanation on it I have seen. What an a-ha moment. Thank you!

Keou Issabre says:

This is gold

Brian Benko says:

Great lesson. Much appreciated

B Dawg says:

It wasn’t drinking and driving Tiger got in trouble for. He was under the influence of prescription medication

mp_ya10 says:

I swear one of the best explanations I’ve ever heard and seen throughout all the videos I’ve watched. Thanks Trevor for explaining so well for the beginners to understand easily. And Eric thanks for putting this together!

FingFangFoom says:

great stuff… but Trevor looks like a contortionist or gumby with how much he can turn and be flexible… his length and thinner stature also allows much more flexibility. The moves he is showing are not possible for many amateurs such as myself…. 40 yr old 10-12 GHIN, 5'9" 185 lbs… with some back and shoulder issues and some permanent spasms in the back.

I realize these issues can be fixed a little bit… when I'm lose i can turn pretty well. But it would be awesome to see some stepping stone movements to what Trevor or Eric are showing us from people who haven't had a near perfect swing for the majority of their life and have ideally conditioned bodies for the game… Meaning, i would like to see you all provide some musts vs nice to haves based on ability and physical condition.

I feel like it is tough sometimes to get the point or get the feel for some of these lessons when you can't recreate what these pros are doing.

I'm not criticizing this video tbh… It's just something I'd like to see on this and other golf instruction youtube channels. It's nice to strive for an ideal swing and to know what you should be doing ideally… but it sure would be nice to visually see how to achieve the bare minimum non-negotiable points for the swing in this video… instead of packaging 6-8 concepts and movements at once… 3 or 4 of which cant' be reproduced by dad bods such as myself.

Rudi Smith says:

Palm tree driver giveaway

Barb T. says:

Because they don't start playing at 6 years old and sleep with a golf club in their hands and don't hit a thousand golf balls a day, that's why.

Pablo Ballesteros says:

I think that the separation of the upper and lower body dogma (= X-factor) needs to be seriously addressed. More than 1/3 of amateur golfers suffer from chronic LBP and so far research shows that such separation may play a key role (together with other factors, such as reverse spine angle). For all of us dying to play without pain and finding it very difficult to rotate and pivot with the strength that this kind of swing demands, it is somehow frustrating that there is no alternative offered out there as if the classic golf swing had never produced results. I don't mean that we, those not able to achieve such crunch factor/side bent like Trevor's, should swing like most golfers in their 70s, having logically lost the needed flexibility, but there must be a way to generate speed and get solid impact while not having to separate so much upper and lower body, same as the classics did.

tboy1236 says:

I must say, when he was doing the reverse-pitch, he looked like he was a professional breakdancer

Willi says:

I am going nuts with these conflicting instructions out there. At one time, one of my instructors told me my back will be hurt if I play like this, and one other told me don’t go deeping during the downswing, but I see the pro they all do that, one told me dont divot after hitting the ball … I am screwed from single HCP to 16 now …

1979thn says:

this is the typical video that is so confusing that actually can screw up whatever swing you have as an amateur

Larry Jones says:

I wouldn’t trade my swing for any pro that I have ever seen. Most have way to many flaws

Tommy Davis says:

this is the best golf video out there – this move fixes just about everything

Carlos Freitas da Silva says:

Very helpful but grateful for some clarification about the set up position from where the mid upper body should bend towards the ground. Many thanks.

M Ballard says:

This is exactly the video I needed. Thank you!!!!

Eric Schumak says:

Who is that guy? I could listen to him for hours.

Steve King says:

I like the pelvis first move.

Old Ben says:

the baseball throw metaphor is perfect..

project elrond says:

i really hate this swing, im sorry. tiger and rory have good swings, but according the the graphic at 5:01 their setup is bad. i must disagree.

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