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►Golfer's often ask me why their balance is poor, this video will explain the real reason why your balance MAY BE poor and what swing faults can cause poor balance

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If you're based in Dubai, you can contact Andy at Peter Cowen Golf Academy at Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai on +971 4433 7777 or check out our website https://www.dubaigolf.com/golf/peter-cowen-academy-at-jumeirah-golf-estates/meet-the-team/
Andy Carter is a Golf Teaching Professional based at the Peter Cowen Golf Academy at Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai.

Andy Carter's coaching style is aimed to be simple and informative to help you
whether it be helping to cure your slice, teaching you to understand your technique, how to chip or pitch and even the occasional putting tip.

The content you will find on this YouTube channel will be informative golf tips that will help you improve not only your golf swing but your golf game in the sole purpose of lowering your scores and enjoying golf more & more.
Other content will include golf club reviews and golf accessories which can help you improve your understanding of what to buy as the market is constantly changing and being saturated by brands.
A lot of the content you will find on the channel is of Andy Carter being out on the golf course showcasing real-life scenarios and shot that all golfers will encounter on the course. If you can improve these areas of your game then for sure scores will lower.
Popular content throughout the years has been golf course vlogs,with Andy either playing against the golf course in his Carter vs Golf series, or playing against fellow PGA professionals, Tour professionals and even amateurs. This content is not only a great watch but also a great learning experience for viewers.

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Happy golfing ⛳⛳


Stuart Wisbey says:

Thanks as always AC!

Ben Bates says:

It still baffles me how few people are subscribed to Andy’s channel. He’s as they say where he’s from, “class.” Great golf tips, great content. Dude deserves the same following as Shiels/Finch.

Jon Lowdon says:

Andy another great piece of tuition 👏👏👏👍

STS Golf says:

Great video as always dude 🏌️🏌️ painful watching this whilst sitting in cold and raining UK 🏌️🏌️🏌️🏌️

Winston Smith says:

The reaction to that 2nd shot was well worth a like. Thanks for the simple advice.

Petteri Aittola says:

Rather seldomly addressed topic, except the advice, you must hold your finish.

Dynamic balance in-swing is about momentum moving around and counter forces. The faster you swing, the more efort has to put in by muscles in correct timing relative to where the ”weight” of arms and club is and which way they are moving. Explanation in one word to me is rythm of motion.

HampshireGary says:

Enjoy the beer 🍺

Ludvig Jakobsson says:

Thanks Carter, you make golf easy.. Time for a "fan meet" in Dubai to talk more about "balance" ?:).

Ryan Thompson says:

Wish I was that guy "down there with a beer" great video!

TheVoiceOfCOD says:

This is a good lesson. Somehow, I stay on balance consistently now. But there was a time Brotherman, there was a time. I needed an Andy Carter vid today. I took an L on the course after being up 10 strokes. I was grinding away though. It’s our city’s only Pub. It’s been closed for 3 years, now it’s open but only 12 holes. But they gave it a facelift. New Fairway Bunkers and Greenside Bunkers. I think I found all of them. 🤣 New fescue areas, and I think I found all of those too. New, awesomely fast greens and I 3-jacked it 7 times. Lip action for days. Paid for carts/buggies online, and I get there and they don’t have carts. Had to walk. 20,000 steps, and 11 miles. With that said, worst of all, I forgot to eat. I have an overactive thyroid so I burn through stored energy fast. Two Snickers Bars wasn’t enough. 🤣 So on hole 14, that top muscle on my left forearm started cramping on every shot. Tough to square the face. I also have a bad back and forgot to take my Advil, on the 11th, the back pain really kicked in. Then it got windy. Between the back and the forearm, I had to ditch driver for my 3-iron Stinger. I battled back to get to 1 behind on the last. We were both just short of the uphill, into the wind Par-4. An up and down for the Win. And the one thing that saved me all day failed, my short game. Lost by 1 on 18, and had to walk 700 yards to my car from our 18th hole. But hey, the wife is letting me get a little action tonight so it ain’t all bad.

Now there’s a story for the next time you’re in your local pub. 🤣🤣 A true story.

steven cowan says:

Dam you Andy, now of mats and on some winter greens 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛳ and your in shorts wi golf tan 😫

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