Why & how to flatten your left wrist at the top of your back swing

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If you want to hit straighter golf shots then you should check the position you get your wrists in to at the top of your back swing. Having a better position as you begin your down swing will make it much easier for you to square the club face through impact, giving you more control over your ball flight and resultant shot. Here's a video to show you how to get the club face in to that better position at the top.

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David Manor says:

Great teaching. Thanks

Jeff Loewi says:

Great explanation, excellent solution. Took this out to the course immediately and it made an enormous difference. It's particularly awkward with driver at first but I gained 25 yards a few times so I'll take awkward anytime. I sent this video to a friend who has been cupping his wrist for several years and he too made great strides. Thanks.

Francis Liew says:

Great explanation, Natalie! Thanks!

William Lees says:

I was on the verge of not attempting to put this into my swing as it's such an unnatural feeling but thanks for explaining the importance – I will give it a good go!

Brennan Peterson says:

Such a great video! Thanks so much!!

Noel Fabro says:

This is exactly the information what I’m looking for. Excellent video. Thank you.

Doug O'Connor says:

I can't thank you enough Natalie for this mini-lesson on how to achieve a flat left wrist at the top of the backswing. I have been trying to do it for 3 or 4 years without success until I saw your video. I am almost 70 years old and now I am braking 100 again on a 6000-yard course. The improvement in my shots and consistency has gone up 50% and my golf bubbies are commenting on the improvement. Thank you kindly for sharing this great tip.

Robert Brown says:

Excellent explanation on cause and correction. I've seen tee pegs fitted in and poking out of gloves, clicking mechanisms strapped to fore arms. Here a simple (I love simple) explanation of where the issue arises and how to fix. Thank you.

Santiago De Ponce says:

Have struggled for years with this🙁

cmurda13 says:

I see a lot of pro's cupping though…

John Harrington says:

Good!, but why stand so far from ball at address?

Blake Seider says:

This is one of the best overall explanations and examples of how and why cupping happens. It's also one of the clearest explanations as how to fix it.

Johnny Jr says:

Natalie thank you for the videos. I believe I could hold the title for the worst player ever. Seriously I felt hopeless even after lessons.
Luckily , I found your videos and took what little I learned in a few of your videos to the range. The difference is night and day. You have a gift of making golf easier to understand. I wish I could find someone around my area as talented as you .

Ben M says:

Hi Natalie – great video. is it advisable to preset the left wrist into a slightly more bowed at address, pre-takeaway?

Nick Lamia says:

Thank you for this…helped a ton at practice this morning. Do you do this for every club including sand iron?

Nick Lamia says:

Wow! Perfect timing! Worked on 3-4 other things. Still wondered why the pull.
My left wrist was cupped at the top! Hard to come down on plane from there but I didn’t know how to fix it. Thank you! Great video👍

johnwigfall says:

That was a great tip..gonna get me to the red numbers..

Martyn Birch says:

Best video I’ve seen that explains why the cupping happens and how to fix it, thanks 👍🏻👏🏻

leighjohnharvey says:

Great video,subscribed 😀

ligerpride says:

Great tip. Thanks.

Roger Foxwell says:

Thank you, very clear and concise

The Dreamer says:

Like your style Natalie…..you simply get to the point without a load of bumf that just bogs people down……keep it going,great instruction!

The Dreamer says:

Great video……cheers!

Blake Stephens says:

I saw this tip a week ago. Played with it first time today. It helped immediately. Im still lacking power, but hitting clean iron shots. Thanks

Alan Woodward says:

Hi Natalie
I find your videos so useful and easy to follow, without being over complicated. The initial take away in this video has really helped me improve my back swing and follow through.

Ian Barnes says:

This was really helpful as it is exactly what I am working on with my instructor. It feels very different at the top of my backswing and I physically have to feel as though I am rotating the wrists at the top to get that bow in the left wrist and it's good to hear that you have the same feeling. I find this bowing motion easier to do if I have a slightly weaker left hand grip – is that to be expected?

vimal Mittal says:

This is called a magic move in Dante book.

Vonik says:

Thank you so much this very much helped a lot!!!!

Stephen McAlea says:

Hi Natalie, I have this cupped wrist problem. Does this mean after I finish your takeaway, should I start flexing my right wrist on the way up to the top of the swing? To help achieve a flat left wrist. I would appreciate your help. Thanks Stephen

David Farag says:

Great explanation

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