Why I left YouTube……for a while

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01davesedge says:

Please keep doing both. Stay objective and honest. That’s why I watch.

Tin Hat Rancher says:

I'd watch you if you just did shock- jock or cat videos.

I like your presence on the course, especially at address.

Enjoy the course reviews and honest product evaluations.

Will be glad if you stay on youtube in any fashion.

You make my performance on the loft/lie machine and grip station (I'm in the industry) much better. More ensconced, enamored and running out of superlatives for the game, I am.

Keep it up!

I'll keep duffing in the rough!


Tony Dickman says:

I don’t really watch your on course golf. I’m sure and hope it’s nicer for you but me, i rather watch a proper club test.

James Griffin says:

i’m just guessing here but I think your niche is older golfers that like the nature side of the game as much as the competitive aspect. Your travels are much more interesting in my opinion than your equipment reviews. If the fates be willing someday I will be golfing on some tiny windswept coastal English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish course and I will not give a fig as to the clubs I’m carrying. your videos keep the dream alive.

Nordan Viken says:


larry berman says:

Add the content that makes you happy. Perhaps you can take the van to the continent and play courses in a variety of countries.

Tom Huson says:

Andy I am from the states so the one thing I really love is seeing the UK courses and profiles. Your film work is amazing and really brings out the courses, and I love that you find a local or member to sit down with and talk history or just about it.
Second I am an average golfer and while it is nice to watch a Pro hit 6 iron 220 yards.. it doesn’t really do me much good in a review of a club, at least I can somewhat align to your ability and your opinion of the club will be more meaningful to my game. I for sure look to your opinion when I am club buying.
So the answer is Both! Take new clubs on the road and film it all! Thanks and keep doing what your doing mate!

John Tinkler says:

Wondered where you'd gone… Thought perhaps you were quarantining with Gary in South Africa or doing some R&D with Bob Parsons in Scottsdale but no, you were with Jose Maria in Greece… I would like to see the van conversion video if only because I've never seen the doors open!! Product reviews with course content sounds good but just keep mixing things up. Some Tubers are a bit formulaic which doesn't hold the interest long-term. Photography and production values are what mark you out – just get out there and do it.

Chuck Coy says:

yes I would like Van conversion posted here

Kyle Meitzler says:

I like them both and would say a mix of the two and would like to see the building of the van

gjgjgjgj1100 says:

Your product reviews are great! Do a mix of both each week.

Chuck Coy says:

I'd like a mix of the two types of videos.

Jamie007ify says:

Andy, your content is legendary!!
Me personally, more course reviews and less product reviews. A new driver, putter or set of irons is released and the reviews are all over youtube that same day by a host of youtubers and usually their opions identical. I have never seen anyone else go to Scotland and start banging through the whisky, these reviews are genuine and magical.
Your doing great, keep going 👊

Fraz Simpson says:

Mentioned it to you before you definitely need to get back up to the west coast of Scotland. And play Glencruitten Home of Robert McIntyre. They also have a great distillery. I don’t mind the reviews but love your golf course vlogs.All the best for the future

OHG GOLF says:

I think your channel is great, and I’d love to achieve half of what you have on YouTube! It’s no easy task and you’ve done beautifully..

Seán Breathnach says:

Think mixing the travelling and product reviews would be a USP for the channel! Got my vote. Really looking forward to you getting the van over to Ireland. Have a look at Connemara Isles, would love to see your take on it. Why not throw up the van refurb, its part of your own journey. Big thanks to you for SEED balls too, they're brilliant.

Steve Novak says:

Keep doing what you’re doing man! I like a mix of courses and reviews. I especially like the reviews cause we are mostly average golfers. I like to see realistic data that I can relate to. Thanks for your great Chanel!

Michael Fenton says:

Missed your sessions over the last couple of weeks always enjoy the sessions regardless of what the content is. Being average really helps.

Keith Walker says:

The series features that you do are fantastic and the best content of any YouTube channel out there. Your product reviews are great because they are unbiased and I trust your opinion. Seeing the van conversion would be very interesting as well. In other words I'd love to see it all. I've been a long time subscriber and this is one of the two channels I watch that I never miss a video.

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