Why the Power Point Improves Your Golf Swing

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Fred C. Dobbs says:

+Bill Golfer You are correct, but, most golfers have stopped accelerating before they even get to the ball. By accelerating into the ball it stays on the club face longer and thus compresses more and increases the power of the shot. The idea here is to get the golfer to accelerate into the ball by having him/her swing to a point beyond the ball instead of at the ball.

American Guy says:

You can't accelerate "beyond the ball" when the ball itself slows down the club head by 20% at impact.

mikek0416 says:

power point DVD is well worth watching and implementing. Some other published works like how to curve the ball either way (shot maker), like with a ping pong ball, does not integrate with power point. However, power point thoughts and application is really effective.

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