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Why Tiger Woods chipping is bad. Piers and Andy discuss their opinion on the technical reasons why Tiger has struggled with his chipping.
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Jonathan Feeney says:

Great video, hope tiger is watching 😀 

Sebastian Zander says:

Hi Piers, Hi Andy! You guys say, his skulling and duffing of the ball comes
from his steeper Sean Foley style swing but he had a great short game under
Sean Foley, especially in 2012 and in 2013. So why do you think that all of
a sudden this is the reason for his short game troubles?

Danny Yoon says:

Tiger commented during an interview saying that because of this new swing
path which is shallower, the club is brushing the ground before the ball
hence the fat chip. Foley swing was steeper therefore there was no issue
with fat chip shots. What do you guys think about Tiger’s comments?

Scott Willi says:

I guess I still can’t get past that he was Player of the Year in 2013,
countless times before that, 14 majors, countless other tournaments, and
all of the sudden he has lost all touch around the greens? You can argue
technique or mental all you want, but this is so mind boggling to me that
his short game is THIS BAD.

Ian Barnwell says:

I’ve read that Tiger is suffering a sort of chipping yips – his drastic
head movements to see where the ball has gone would certainly seem to
confirm this, and that the yips are neurological and therefore cant be
conquered by technique alone. Be interested to hear your thoughts

Patrick Matian says:

Wow, I honestly hadn’t noticed this aspect of Tiger’s chipping before, but
it makes so much sense. Great video guys, I’m gonna check and make sure I’m
doing it right myself. 

DJ Scottdog says:

I witnessed his bad chipping at the British open 2013 

Aj Porter says:

Tiger has now announced a leave of absence! Really hope he gets his game

J Peez says:

because his mk ultra programming is wearing off … ?

Martin Moore says:

Hi guys, just a quick question. What we’re your handicaps before you turned
pro? Thanks

TelepathicTraffic . says:

Maybe Tiger should go back to Womanizing … thinking less about his game
and more on the ladies. He was so on his game. 

Chris Jones says:

Brilliant tips again lads loving it!

TXchadTX says:

Great video. I like your theory. Steep is rarely good in the short game.
However this isn’t his only issue. Tiger is hitting something like 25% of
his fairways and probably even less than that when he hits driver. He looks
to me like a player more concerned with how far he’s hitting it than where
it goes. 

Florida Vacation Rental Villas - VR360homes.com says:

I think I have been doing something similar to Tiger so will try to open
the face a little more on the backswing and see how I get on.

Limbara Angga says:

+Meandmygolf hi, i love your vids but can u help me with my prob. i have a
question for you. this is my problem. i have the tendency to lift my left
shoulder up when my club hitting the ball. that prevents me to rotate my
shoulder. i always feel afraid when my club is about to hit the ball the i
do so. i have bad experiences with “grounded” which hurts my shoulder. and
now, every ball i hit, the ball always slice. do u have the drill or
techniques to overcome this situation. thanks.

joseph dooley says:

Was painful watching him the last few weeks…………..kind of reminded
me of mike tyson returning to the ring for one last pay day when he just
hadnt got it anymore…hopefully this is not the case for tiger

Felipe Graham says:

Hey guys thanks for your tips i had my first hole in one on sunday thanks

Adam Flynn says:

Not sure why Tigers short game technique has changed…surely it’s 2
separate areas of the game is it a case of spending so much time on his
long game and no time on his short game that he is just “rusty”?

stone tiger says:

load of guts guys to point out the weaknesses in one the games all time
greats!!! God knows what you’d make of my game!!:-)

Jake Conroy says:

I’ve always found that lifting the back foot up or putting it further back
in the stance helps. it will certainly shallow the swing

Jake Phelps says:

Bad technique doesn’t mean it’s the yips…..kind of a knee jerk reaction.

ciaran higgins says:

Needs to activate the glutes …

Felipe Graham says:

Im 11 by the way

mark roberts says:

Hi guys. Please can you do a video showing the hand action on the back
swing. Should they roll open or simply hinge slightly backwards.. Too many
conflicting videos on YouTube.
Thanks mark

Jack Benson says:


cd2880 says:

What club were you guys using here?

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