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WHY WOULD YOU TAKE GOLF LESSONS Mark Crossfield addresses and viewers comments about if golf lessons actually do help golfers improve their game. If you are taking golf lessons maybe Mark talks about some the reasons you wanted golf tips to help you play this game. Play you best golf with Mark Crossfield and his simple and easy to use golf tips, drills and instructional videos.

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OSUrules1870 says:

Any advice on how to judge if an instructor is good or worth the time, money, and effort? Especially during the off-season when you can’t test out the improvements on the course?

Mike Gannon says:

hi Mark..love the question about sweet spot, why can't manufacturers produce an image, a bit like a contour picture on an os map (sorry if you wasn't a boy scout) showing the exact percentage drop offs away from that sweet spot point…you an i know why

Jae Lee says:

Hey Mark,
Love your videos and Ive been watching hooked on them!! I recently shot my best of 79 last week and Ive been in a slump? ever since… Shooting in the high 80's low 90's. Can you or anyone give me some insight to whats going on please? Im really confused. Thanks?️

Loco Benno says:

there's another category of golfer Mark, and they're the golfers that have been playing long enough that we know that what we have in terms of physical ability is what limits us, and that we don't want/need to change it <myriad of reasons inserted>. It is what it is and we have what we have. I really dig that you promote coaching over believing the marketing, I applaud you for it, but coaching ain't for everyone. Just saying. Keep up the good work mate, cheers.

Curtis Polysou says:

Any lessons I've ever taken have been searching for shot to shot consistency. "I can hit the shots needed, so why am I not hitting them all in a row?"
Haven't found the answer yet haha.

Richard Blayney says:

Swing check

Colin Brown says:

I take lessons to play better shots and understand my game, hopefully that will bring my handicap down. However for me CSS gets in the way as I can shoot net 2 under and still not get cut – now that does bend my clubs ?

Stuart Cooper says:

I started with a coach from the get go as i didn't want to pick up bad habits from all those so called amateur experts out there who have varied opinions and equally have been playing golf for years and still play poorly, has personally worked for me as i have a great coach who i have connected with well and now playing off 15 after 12 months. Lot of work put in within this time following each lesson and much frustration trying to adopt correct processes however you get out what you put in, highly recommend a coach if you are serious about your golf. Great Channel Mark…..

Charles Nicholson says:

Where I live in SF 1 hour is 100 dollars.

Gabriel Guess says:

I want to take lessons to better understand my swing, or the proper swing. To also stop slicing my driver.

fmorgi says:

Hi Mark, been watching your videos for several years now.

 after watching this video I was thinking about this…Could you create a daily vlog about this:

– Whats makes a good golf coach / golf instructor?
– What are the key aspects we should look on a coach?
– What is a bad  coach?
– what shall we look for a customers?

I had two coaches and going to start with a third one for some reasons..

maybe you can do this vlog in the near future…
Thanks and greetings from Madrid, Spain.

te999 says:

I’ve always said I wanted to have been a single figure handicapper for at least a day before I die! Been down to 9.5 a few years ago. Then kids cane along and scuppered that 0.1 decrease needed. Now up to 13 and 40 yrs old in May. My ambition continues with the odd lesson and more wishful thinking! Keep up the good work brah!

Carwyn Williams says:

Had lessons to stop my hcp going up also try to achieve my potential, always been competitive in all sports but golf is something I enjoy so much but can’t seem to get to the desired level at the moment. Great vlog bruh

Gareth Jones says:

The commitment of the student after the lesson is the most important part. It's no point having lessons if you can't practice enough to take on board what was learnt in the first place

Maxim Pieters says:

Become a better player, then i can compete in bigger tournaments. It's always about being the best you can be ..

CG Mat says:

I went to two or three pros to find one that worked more effectively for my swing. The one I stuck with recognised a single fatal flaw and corrected it simply, resulting in better strike and ability to move the ball r-l l-r etc. Has made my bad misses less so and made distance control a lot better, I need to now work on this into 2018 and hope for 2 things, more fun on the course and to break 80, just once!!!

Ian Collins says:

I have lessons to improve my enjoyment (not bothered about Handicap) Nothing worse than having a "good" round spoiled by 1 type of bad shot. Would be nice to find "Pro" who worked with you rather than tried turning you into a robot golfer (stand like this, swing like this etc)

Richard Todd says:

Hi also just donated to a fantastic charity ⛳️??

Richard Todd says:

Hi Mark love the vlog hope some of the other coaches are watching your fantastic approach & just a question who coaches the coaches? Cheers bruh you are changing the game ⛳️

Mr Kipling says:

I have taken lessons from all sorts of pro's; From a Gary Edwin right sided to a bloody robot and in utter truth I'm looking for a magic pill. Where I come away from the lesson feeling that I can do something I couldnt before I went. A bench mark would have been to fly a 7 iron 170 instead of the boring 155/160 I currently employ using my power bats. That I have yet to find such a coach, leaves me certain that I am in fact shite and untrainable to any decent level. So with that in mind, Ive stopped looking for the holy grail and instead use a longer iron and try my damnedest to keep the sphere of misery on the fairway (hopefully the one I'm playing). Its actually quite fun playing golf without thinking why I cant keep my right forearm at right angles to the target and not smash the bugger straight right…

sabergo1 says:

This one resonates with me. Why does any person play golf? Has to be an individual answer. I have to say for me, that reason changes over time. Thanks for the video and keep up the good work!

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