Why you should BUY these golf clubs ASAP!

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Louis Alvarado says:

Ping Glide 3.0 54 degrees

Crispy Duck says:

I’m with you on the Everton colour – too much for us reds

Barracatcher says:

Been playing Callaway X Jaws for years. Love em. Will have to be replaced soon because they will be illegal for competition play. And here the problem starts. Nothing available under 54 degrees in the new full toe. I play the standard 52-56-and 60 degree wedges. Bending anything to spec at 52 from 54 starts to change bounce/grind profiles. Come on Callaway, make them in a 52 and keep a faithful wedge player happy!! I don’t want to have to change to zipcore!!!

Rex Baumgartner says:

Imitation is the finest form of flattery (PXG).

Mark feldman says:

I have been playing the PM grind since they first came out and loved them. It is replacement time and these look like the go to club for me now.


all company's will have similar full face groves with tweaks here and there it all comes down to what price can you afford to pay

Arthur's Grandad says:

The boys in Carlsbad have probably never heard of Everton FC Andy!

Miguelito Aniceto says:

I play the Cleveland Zipcore wedges and they are amazing. If I’m not mistaken they were the first to move weight from the heel to the toe to move CG where they want.

Graham Smith says:

I can’t have red in my bag, it’s a no no 😬

David Burns says:

Andy…….I love the Blue in my MacDaddy wedges but for Glasgow reasons not Liverpool….😂😂👍

Keith Hodson says:

Cruel to the blues

Brian Treadwell says:

Vokey SM8; I’d try them when replacing current wedges

Robin Hamilton says:

You had me at the Liverpool comment Andy, haha! Exactly how I think too.

Andy Plays Golf says:

I think the designer I sleeping with someone from pxg… Nice wedges though.

Lindsay Newell says:

Already love the channel but as a Red since 1974, I’m even more invested now👏
At 6:09, non English viewers were probably scratching their heads at what you said 🤣

Matt Gomez says:

Great video as usual. The last shot is a keeper. 👍🏼 I have a couple of Callaway wedges n my bag at the moment. A 54 degree Mack Daddy CB and a 58 degree MD3. They have plenty of life in them and don’t feel the need for a change yet. But these new ones do look fantastic.

Dave Delacy says:

Went to Club Champions last week and for me they recommended the Cleveland CBX2 wedges which were great for me, these wedges look good, but to late for me to try them based on my ability.


Up the Reds Andy! Nice review, will definitely check these out.

dave watts says:

Great review Andy, one question, a few months ago your review of Mizunos new wedges was glowing , are these better?

Andew Lea says:

Great review they look great bit of kit , have a mix of Cleveland wedges

Fran Henry says:

Raw finish on the face. Does this mean that it'll rust up like the Taylormade?

Steven Harris says:

I loved the blue, come on you champion league winners, Chelsea
Great revues as usual, keep up the great work 👍

Sgt Pepper says:

Cleveland do a few versions of full face wedges,cbx 2 & rtx ⛳
Up the reds 👍

David George says:

Just been to a Callaway demo day. Told to hold off on wedges until the new ones come out next year (?)

Mel Abshier says:

Andy, we share the love for LFC. I didn't want the Blue either. So I special ordered the Jaws wedges with Red earlier this year, which you can do. Now I don't have the full toe version but I would have ordered those with Red as well if i'd have waited until now…lol. 🏌️

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