Why You’re Coming Over The Top In Your Golf Swing + How To Fix It!

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How To Fix Your Slice In 15 Shots:
★ http://www.performancegolfzone.com/view/yt1n

Are you coming over the top in your golf swing? Here's how to fix it!

Coming over the top in your golf swing simply means not following the correct club path on your downswing… Instead of swinging down and delivering the club from the inside, your club falls outside of your swing plane, and you end up losing power and/or hitting a nasty slice.

The main reason you're coming over the top is due to over-use of your body, and the sequence of motion in your swing is off.

The first step to fixing this is taking a look at the initial move away from the ball…

In the video you'll see a simple way to insure that your initial move away gets you into position for an on-plane swing that avoids the over the top move.

Next, we'll take a look at your downswing and how to use your arms in your swing and get your club to fall down on plane so you can hit more solid shots with better accuracy, more distance.

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Performance Golf Zone says:

Are you slicing the ball? Watch this video next: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsTtT9j6Cz4

Jim Saddler says:

Thanks for the tips. Sometimes on the first tee, or on a narrow fairway, I'll narrow my stance just slightly. It helps me turn better, gives me better balance, and keeps me from "jumping" on the downswing. I usually hit this drive dead straight! Looking forward to working on your other drills at the range. Thanks for the video!

steve perry says:

i've been golfing a long time and from observing myself and others it seems almost instinctive for most people to swing out to in. so some times for me i'll allow for it and line up a little left and open the face a bit and it seems to work with a bit of fade but you have to watch out for the pull. it's a faily powerful shot but shoots up high.

Bill Andrews says:

Exactly what I've been trying to get right, this tip is "100", on my way to the driving range, thank's so much for your help…

Golfand Dogs4 says:

thank you…the right foot back drill has really helped

Liam G says:

Superb video. Thanks so much for these tips. Especially coming way to inside on backswing.

chris mangum says:

I'm a left handed golfer & left handed hitter in baseball. I went to the range & tried some of this & was pleasantly surprised it worked! the only reason I say "surprised" is because it felt soooo weird. I had to tell my baseball brain to swing to hit the ball to left-center field & once i did that, i started hitting square in the clubface 9 out of 10 times. Thanks for the video PGZ guy!

Kyle M says:

Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to going to the range!

Hark Chang says:

Best teacher!!!

Overhand Golf says:

That foot back move makes things worse! In that position the player cannot make a proper move to get the hips out of the way in a real swing so they end up with early extension. It'a an artificial fix that exaggerates the real problem. If anything you want to do the opposite, aiming left, so that the right hip IS in the way so the player has to learn to move it out of the way for real. Also, the over the top move isn't caused by the backswing, the backswing is a result of how the player believes he needs to swing the club. When you change the players belief of what he needs to do in the swing the backswing changes without thought. Finally, a slight over the top motion is necessary in order to swing like a pro. Over the top is really just a off axis rotation of the shoulder that forces the player to swing downward. If the player can learn the proper axis of rotation of the shoulders, which is almost horizontal, none of this other stuff need be addressed.
The arms falling might be the worst thing you could tell a player. No good players drop the arms. It may look like they do but they don't.

Philipp Krueger says:

this is hands down the best piece of golf advice i have every received
thank you so much

burk fitzpatrick says:

confusing, so confusing. It's simple, just drop right elbow into right hip instead of initiating swing with hands. This is why pros can't teach!

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