Will Lodge (9 yr old – Highlights) – 2013 US Kids Golf World Championship

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Help Will raise money for The Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation:

Will Lodge playing in the 2013 US Kids Golf World Championship in Pinehurst, NC from August 1-3, 2013. Will played in the 9 year old division at Pinehurst #1 at the Pinehurst Resort. He shot 79, 77, 76 over the 54-hole three day tournament and placed 28th out of an international field of 138. The course played to 4,633 yards, where hole yardages ranged from 109-139 for par 3s, 215-305 for par 4s, and 366-418 for par 5s. The event included more than 1,200 kids aged 6-12 from over 30 countries.

Congrats to our friends:
– Ben James, who won this year's 10 yr old division (@ 14 under par!),
– Jeevan Sihota, who won Will's 8 yr old division last year, and
– Alexander Yang, who won the 9-10 yr old division at this year's Callaway Junior Worlds!

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Cullen Schreiner says:

can people shut up and stop talking about the music and language.

Aidan Tran says:

hey will you're a legend

Marty Music rules says:

i watched this 3 times to see of i was watching Ricky Fowler


Kill yourself

Alasdair Skelly says:

I'm guessing there his best shots

Joe Kelly Reigns Blood says:

This kid is amazing for 9. Im thirteen and been golfing for 11 years and I don't think I'm that good.

Star Gaming2 says:

Wear was this at


I'm better

pokemon dritt Halvorsen says:

i hate that boy

Pedro Jaramillo says:

yes he can be a great golfer at 9 but at at age of 18 is when you need to win tournaments and play well if you want to be in the pga

Dustin says:

so the song in this video was a really bad choice for a video of a 9 year old golfer. kids really good and the video is good but poor music choice.

Jack Holbrough says:

Does he have a green scotty?

Conner Deppe says:

These little kids are gonna be dead soon with the stress and frustration this game causes.

AJR ALEXIS 4 says:

1:17 cocky spoilt brat

Trey _Durham says:

I'm 9 and can barely swing

Oscar Liljegrahn says:

I love the dads reaction everytime it goes in ! 😀

Dale Nitzsky says:

yeah anyone can do that good when they play from 100 yards away. from there I can hit a wedge on

ecke1010 says:

2:46 is that a mini-Bubba?

Bob daly says:

he should really do a what's in the bag video

Bob daly says:

he should really do a what's in the bag video


He has the stuff! Go Will!

Cranberry Stew says:

He has a smaller course

KicksOnFire 2K says:

I bet this kid ain't even that good

Luke O Shea says:

My first time playing and I'm still better than him

MegaFun 4Everyone says:

Cool i love this so much! Great video! I look forward to more videos! Good job!

Mr. MLG says:

i have the same driver as him 🙂

Brandin Standing Bear says:

This kid sucks my ass

Gabe M says:

i'mi'm 10 and way better than this kid

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