Will Matt go back to a Ping Driver? // G425LST vs. Titleist TSi3

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After playing the G400LST and G410LST in the past, will this year's G425 make it into Matt's bag for 2021?

0:00 // Intro
1:53 // Testing
7:13 // Results & Conclusions

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada


Liam Brazer says:

Can you do the radspeed vs sim 2 please.

Fred Negus says:

Matt is exhibiting a much better pivot. Far less linear travel at startup and much more angular.
A little work on removing the head tip at take away and the swing will be excellent.
Cheers F

Justin Chung says:

How you guys getting your hair cut during this lockdown? Looking fresh.

Anthony Spano says:

Ian get Matty to put the TSi3 10 degree A•4 setting T•1 or T•2 weight port on a DIAMNA D LIMITED 70TX. Total Juggernaut!

My current set up,
TSi3 10 degree A•4 (T•1)
PUREd Diamana D Limited 60TX (45”)
Swing Weight D5 (+2 gram weight)

Beautiful sounding, feeling and very accurate driver!

Jason Wright says:

Matt is your gamer 10° turned down to 9.25° with the Fujikura Pro 2.0 Ts 6x 45" tipped 1"1/4?

Bill Uransel says:

“Good eh”…understatement of the year!

J T says:

Love Ian’s little giggle when Matty mishits one 296. I know it’s inevitable but for almost $1000 driver in Canada, shouldn’t we all be hitting it 300+?

Jared W says:

I am still trying to justify whether a TSi2 is worth looking at upgrading from my TS2. The testing results I have seen suggest that a high handicapper like me wouldn't see benefits, but it is still intriguing to look at.

Alistair Marquis-Carr says:

As a fellow lefty I am loving this content!?

Dave says:

ball flight, shape, sound… PRICE! The cost of these drivers are insane for something you hit maybe 12 times per round.

Aaron Scholz says:

How come Matty isn't using the Ventus black? I thought that fit him the best with the TSi line

scott Donald says:

fit vs not fit is not really a fair comparison. Sound wise i think every Ping driver needs hotmelt.

Gary Simons says:

Every test I’ve seen with the Ping 425, the Max won out, not the LST.

Philips Lighting says:

It doesnt matter.

littleapeman says:

To be fair to Matt, if I was consistently hitting 5-10 drives within 5 yards of each other with over 165 ball speed, I’d keep the driver

Craig Edga4r says:

Matt wud be daft to change!!!???

Albert Eng says:

Another awesome video! ??

Darren Bell says:

I can without doubt say the tsi3 is the best looking, sounding, most consistent driver I have ever owned. Had the ts3 before my first ever titleist club and I thought I had bagged the perfect driver until tsi3 came out. It's dispersion and accuracy is second to none and I have to admit to been a massive callaway fan. My search for the perfect driver has ended this will be in my bag for years to come I can safely say.

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Pete Royal says:

A low spin four ball test: max ls vs lst vs rad vs sim2. Would be awesome to see and and an absolute ?fest ?

Lefty SoCal Golfer says:

The heavy weight battle I wanted to see!

I think Titlesit has a real winner on their hands this year!

Jim Shields says:

I would love to come have Ian fit my driver… Great presentation guys.

Bradley Phelps says:

Play ping in the flat setting with a counter balanced shaft.

Tony Wright says:

TSi3 is without the best driver I’ve ever had. Just wish I had a swing like yours!!

Mike Musto says:

I think you could have compared the 425 Max to the TSI3

John Sahhar says:

If you are going to test the fringe guys, as you say, then why not test the new PXG 0211 driver? I have not hit it, but would like to see and hear your thoughts. I have hit the PXG 0811+ prototype and I like it better than the TM M6 and initial SIM, Ping G400 and the new Callaway. I would love you guys to evaluate the PXG relative to these mainstay brands. PXG prices are way down. I believe the PXG deserves a spot in the brackets. I think it will be a real contender. Thank you for your video. This one was enlightening. I thought the Ping would win hands down. However, I've never had good luck with Titleist drivers.

Real HIFI Help says:

Sounds like maybe Cobra and Titleist are going to be the best drivers in 2021. And that Taylormade lost their edge from 2020.

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