Will this putter make you more CONSISTENT?!

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Will this putter make you more CONSISTENT?!
Rick Shiels tests the latest Odyssey REDBALL putter!


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Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Q: What putter do you currently use and why do you like it?

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Jim Logel says:

Why Why cant i have a shark head putter that shoots frikin laser beams out of there freaking heads?

Mason Mead says:

I have a Tour Edge Bazooka 260 set that cost me $400 total, it work last great for me, anyway the putter in it is like$20-$30 and it’s the only putter I’ve ever used and I’m one of the best putters in my HS golf team, but I am looking for a new putter

Johnathan Kendall says:

Since we are on Putter Tech. What are your thoughts on Edel putters Mr Shiels?
I rarely buy new equipment without first watching your reviews. I have been looking at Edel, more so because of the in depth fitting process? Thoughts?

Johnathan Kendall says:

I have not seen the putter in person. I would venture to say that the review of the red ball concept was slightly misunderstood. More so from the lack of information given by the manufacturer? It’s not just weather you can view the red ball. It’s more how you view it. If you see the red ball strait on without seeing the sides of the top rail or I’m guessing space if lined up wrong then you are not set up properly. Very similar to a rifle scope.
The marketing video does elude to this theory.

Steve Gardener says:

I had a look at this putter but found it really uncomfortable. I am left eye dominant and therefore had to change the face angle quite a bit to get the ball in view. Once i did that i seem to lose the ability to actually swing the club correctly and lost loads of pace too. Wasn’t for me but might give it another look

Bryan Vincent says:

Not sure. But I’m assuming that you’re only supposed to be able to see red, and not be able to see any white. If you see white you aren’t set up properly.

Steve Whitley says:

Anything that Dechambeau invents is illegal because it gives an unfair advantage. Well then ban this sucker as well or get off Brysons back – the USGA that is.

Justin Monroe says:

My putting I absolutely horrendous

gary reed says:

Hi Rick , great reviews. I have a product , a training aid for the 2 ball putter. http://www.puttsmart.net Been around for 10 years but never took off because I am in Australia and no contacts here.
Basically the same concept as the Red Ball putter. You are right that just the ball lined up isn't fool proof.
My training aid ,when fitted to the putter, makes you keep the putter low on the take away. Glad Odyssey have vindicated my idea. Keep up the good work.

KJ says:

Saw this at the store when I was picking out a new Putter
HATED it, was fully focused on lining up the red ball and not the putt
Def see the logic though and do think it could be good for the right person

Mike Hathorn says:

Great video and cool putter

Maxime Brault says:

@rickshields i thing the little with circle around the red ball is the reference point that you have to be aware of.

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