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This video discusses the latest Wilson Cortex Driver launched by Wilson after the Driver vs Driver program. This driver is lightweight and Wilson's real attempt to get better golfers using their driver but will it perform?

Golfers are always looking for added help ti their game and are often looking for golf equipment or golf clubs to help them straight away.

This year the most popular drivers have been the Titleist, Ping, Callaway and Taylormade so can Wilson improve upon their C300.

Are Wilson golf clubs on the rise or are they always going to have an appeal to more beginner golfers.

We review all sorts of golf clubs from beginner golf clubs, high end brands like PXG and Honma, second hand golf clubs, ladies golf clubs, fairway woods, hybrids, golf irons, wedges and putters.

So lets see how the driver gets on.

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Golfers always want to know how to hit the golf further and how to play better golf, often searching for swing trainers, swing training aids or even looking for simple golf tips in hope they will make a huge difference to your golf game and help you break 100, 90, 80 or so on.

This video will show you in slow motion exactly what you need to do and show slow motion examples of the movements you need to achieve to have a successful golf swing.

Are you wondering how to swing the golf club on plane, how to create a simple golf swing, how to create more club head speed in your golf swing, how to hit the driver then this channel will explain all the common questions posed by amateur golfers from all over the world as I am truly trying to help golfers improve their games and get a good idea of how to swing the golf club.

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As ever all of these points are applicable for senior, lady and junior golfer all alike and would also suggest all this content should be absorbed by beginner golfers too.


Stephen Lee says:

Driver looks very similar to the MIZUNO 900 jpg in the way it adjusts. Would you say it performs better than the mizuno

William Russell says:

You guys should review the z785 with a proper shaft as well.

jim thomas says:

I got fitted for this driver and it’s received it. First range session today with it today and it is the first driver that I have hit in a long time that I can feel the club face and was able to work the ball left and right. I am very glad about my decision to go with the Cortex!

Mus Deb says:

Unfortunately it would struggle under the Wilson banner.


Well….it's up against all of them as it's as expensive….same price as the most expensive drivers out there!! Good luck, hope it does well.

Miguel Garza says:

enjoyed seeing you guys back. looking forward to more reviews of all the new equipment coming out in 2019. Merry Christmas to you all.

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