Woods Wednesday – Episode 2

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David Frackleton says:

Sick bro your quality on tha bike man! Respect for this video – Dave Liverpool England ???? (Stay Safe people) ❤

DG W says:

Hey @sandmbikes when was this filmed ?

CJ -NYC says:

this is beautiful. reminds me of clinton trails in Long island when i was young.

Anthony hancock says:

Wow. Killing it. ??????

phily jr says:

Damn that's one of the biggest hips I've ever seen reminds me of South Woods in Seattle 2000.

J Lorenzo says:

3:32 they hit that train and all you heard was loud ass cassettes ??
I remember my old race bike was loud like that and I loved it

Felipe Salazar says:

That guy can fly

Virtual Alpha says:

This here is what it's all about.

Diego Bonnares says:

These trails are sick !

cactus cooler says:

standard – domination

Hunter McNutt says:

Really enjoyed the raw cuts with no music

WuTangChillaBee says:

Cameraman needs to shut up though…

Brian Smith says:

Thank you for making quarantine enjoyable

Mike Joned says:

Those are some steep backsides . Only one other set of trails I have been to with just as steep if not a little steeper . You want the Roast Stackin Sundays


Whaat , Yeaaah and Jeeeeez !! ?
The camera man has me in tears haha

daliks says:

sooo monstrous!!!!

Brad McNicol says:

Sooooooo rad!!

Ryan Gunn says:

The camera guy is fucken annoying! “GEEZE” “WHAT”

Doug DeGrave says:

Those look kinda big through the lens, I bet they would scare the shit outta me and anyone else who's never been there IRL. I can only imagine what it must be like to know anyone willing to help dig or even anyone just to ride my trails with, let alone a whole crew this dedicated.

Anyone near Southeast L.A. looking to isolate? HMU

Colinoid Fiskoid says:

how can you improve on a classic good time?

A H says:

Forget Sasquatch wtf are these cryptids?

Noah Peltier says:

Where the woods cuzzin

Jon Tattersall says:

Spectacular … RED HOT … ??for the professional "save" at 7:10
thanks for sharing

Deplorable Citizen says:

The sound of the tires on that packed mud sound dope. Between that and the cassette. Would make some great asmr type stuff. I think thats what it called.

Deplorable Citizen says:

Floaters for days…….

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