World long drive training with Project Speed

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Part of Instagram Live – speed training with world long drive competitor Josh Jackson


Dr. Joseph Combs PT, DPT, TPI Certified from Cincinnati, OH.

– Precision nutrition certified

– Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy (7 years of training on how the body works)
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– Titleist Performance Institute Certified – Level 1 & 2 Medical, Level 1 Fitness, Level 1 & 2 Power (an intimate understanding of how the body behaves in the golf swing)
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– Background in biomechanics research (5 years) working in a movement analysis laboratory

– Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

– College educator: Kinesiology, Motor Learning & Movement Control, Exercise Prescription & Testing


hakirk1 says:

This is interesting. I'm not sure at my age if I can do the hops and leaping to a box, but I'll give the medicine ball drills ago. How many sets and reps are you recommening and what weight ball? I am looking forward to your future speed workouts as I am in need of finding some of my lost speed and halting future losses.

Nathan Atkins says:

Good stuff chaps, I’ll try those, I’m a little worried about the lateral hop to the box lol but we shall see in the morning

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