Worlds Disc Golf Championship 2012 Juniors

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Dustan Moore says:

Who let’s their kid say the f-word without saying anything to them? that’s
pretty sad…

Sukit Biatch says:

give a drunk dude a camera….

John Nicole Notah says:

Awesome round Forrest! Ibam from Oklahoma now residing in Arizona since I
could walk I had a disc in my hands. Awesome forn man. Great job. 

Colton Finney says:

36 seconds he said f**k

arudolph22 says:

Small point here, but Bangor is in Maine (ME) not Massachusetts (MA). Great
video! Congratulations!

jake1260 says:

The kid in Red has ridiculously sound form. Like a mix between Double G and

nawanda37 says:

This is awesome! I’m going to show this to my PE class when we start up DG
again. What is the approximate (real life, not internet) distance these
kids are throwing?

adam Dgreat says:

kid in the red shirt is a beast!

flecknik7 says:

thank you for posting this.

Tanner Bolen says:

Conall aced hole 18 at Emporia CC at this years Am Worlds

tjtomax says:

the kid throwing the forehands should have been taught how to throw
rollers…. these kids can’t air out 600ft like older people, and I think
both of them would have been much better off (on their bodies) throwing
rollers on some of these holes

Benjamin Rice says:

thats awesome !

Benjamin Hessler says:

Hey guys im 12 years old and play dg how old are they in this video

Kenny Deason says:

We bought this camera shortly before leaving for Worlds. This video was
shot by my 11 year daughter Abbiyah. She’ll keep improving : ) It’s quite a
bit to tackle. Both of my girls just started getting into it. This footage
was shot with auto focus…not ideal for following a disc. Their focus at
this point is staying ahead of play well enough to get in good shooting
position to follow the shot.

Kenny Deason says:

For the curious. Discs used by Forest in this round: Red 150g Champion
Eagle L, Red 170g DX Leopard, Yellow 150g DX Leopard, Orange 150g Star
Eagle X, Pink 175g Magic

TheDeadiiiii says:

What’s up with the Blurrrvision?

Kenny Deason says:

Benjamin, Forest (red) was 10 years old

idfx1000 says:

A lesson in form and style, and great shooting too!

Frisbeegolf_Guy says:


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