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PART 2 OF OUR VLOG AT YORK GOLF CLUB myself AND ANDY FROM TEEUPLO GOLF channel part one one there channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwfGb-FXG66ZCRrS-VMc4oA

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Martin Hurst says:

Liam, what did you use for your shot tracer ?

Martin Hurst says:

Great video lads, looks a nice course.

Andrew Ibberson says:

Liam good match with the average golfer why not play Rick or finchy

satyris410 says:

I love in York and, surprise surprise, I play golf. I'd love to play York Golf Course but it's so damn expensive there's no chance! Half a mile down the road there's a 9 hole course at York Driving Range. The greens are shite but it's a good laugh and a lovely walk on a sunny afternoon.

D Martins says:

Somebody please explain these points you talk about ?

john drainas says:

Great vid Liam course looks great to bad Andy had a bad day it happens mate

Kevin Topping says:

Loved it matey, York is an amazing place. The course looked in top condition, Andy legs though, last time I saw legs like that they were hung up in an abattoir 😄😄😄😄

Golf mad Fozzy says:

great vlog lads, well played both of you

Steve Scragg says:

nice to see the drone is out of the box…..some great footage…. looks like portugal


Loved this video Liam and Andy. Andy if you keep hitting trees like that you will need to start wearing a crash helmet in case of ricochets.

Richard Todd says:

And a tree wood lol

jpugolf says:

well done Liam . how's Andy ever going to beat you , if he can't win when you have a bad back. York is a class course. we could only shoot 35 points yesterday in a better ball. some bandits off 10. & 11 hcap had 49 points…..stole the open!

Chris Oz says:

Great Liam thanks 👍👍👍👍👍
How could you concentrate with Andy's legs 🐓🐓

MrShanghai34 says:

Wow… real golfers…

Alan Heseltine says:

Well done Liam mate, everything was great except the sound was shite. Loved the look of the course though and Andy was in the trees more than Robin Hood that day. LOL

alan hunter says:

Finally Liam, only been waiting all week, 😁😁😁

Mr Kipling says:

Superb video gents and very well played!

Paul Anderton says:

looked fun boys,course looks nice.👌

John Haytack says:

Liam your video content is awesome. The audio is "Dog Shite". Stop spending so much of your own moolah on t-shirts and invest in a good quality microphone. Ask Rik Shiels or Pete Finch what they use. Love your videos but they are let down by the awful audio. We all want to hear what you and Golf Mates are saying, even if sometimes it's bullshit, lol.

Stephen Moffatt says:

Sure that was a Renault what Andy nearly hit ha!! Enjoyed the vlog, looking forward to main match…

abernathy329 says:

Very good Liam! Game is looking good for a bad back. I shot my best Tuesday with the old goats. Shot a 76 playing off 10.9 but dropped to 6.4 after that round. It won't stay there very long. Happy days! Your Carolina Golfer!

Cresser D says:

Enjoyed the vid Liam – course looked Champions League, although the golf looked a bit East Lothian Div 4!!!  Only joking – as always your putting seems very impressive, how do you do it?

Richard Todd says:

Tell Andy to fetch a chainsaw lol

Richard Todd says:

I would were my golf vlogs tee shit when it arrives lol

Richard Todd says:

Brilliant vlog again Liam you have definitely stepped it up pal,get me & my lad down for the york Ryder cup but on opposite teams lol

Scott Meakin says:

Liam mate, this is by far the best quality course vlog you've done. video quality and backing music is getting top notch pal, keep it up 👌👍⛳

The Average Golfer says:

I am sure I won on the day 😂😂 your editing skills are too good

William Parke says:

Great vlog Liam again mate very professionally done.

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