You will SMILE!! :) Carly Booth, Peter Finch, Matt Fryer – Delamere Course Vlog – Part One

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You will SMILE!! 🙂 Carly Booth, Peter Finch, Matt Fryer – Delamere Course Vlog – Part One


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Peter Finch Golf says:

Guys if you liked the video then hit the like button!!
Thank you for watching and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already ?
Thanks to Delamere for having us down and to Carly and Matt for an awesome day!

Adrian Hillary says:

Best golf vlog so far ?

Cameron Halkett says:

Hi Pete, this was a good laugh. Really enjoyed this. Got a question though – how does it work logistically when you do these vlogs? Do you book 3-4 slots so you can get ample room to record without interruption of groups behind and playing through? Do you call the pro shop and say who you are and what you do etc.?

MyCharlesgreen says:

Matt looked a bit scared…

Darren Storey says:

peter what do you think of the ts3 driver your m8 rick sheils rates it as a great but what do you think?


Marcus Larsson says:

You and Carly, the perfect combination!

Maxime paugam says:

"see that's what i call a blooOOOOoody good start" haha! Kills me everytime, should definately do a remix music with that sentence only

Naazi Kang says:

"Thats my Pete" get innnn

Hugo Notte says:

I love Carly 🙂

Andrew Campbell says:

Hahahahaha! “In the Parthenon of horrendous zooms…”. You meant the “pantheon”. Love it, and I really enjoy all of you. Keep Carly coming back because the fun and positivity is radiant!

Jack Golfs says:

I'm color blind too

Jude Read - PGA Golf Professional says:

Great fun, good video!

james taylor says:

I dont know how anyone can concentrate and play golf with all that inane banter going on. They are still laughing like kids and talking even as the ball is being struck.

Brian Treadwell says:

You looked like you were going having such fun – I should play this format with friends more often ?

Eric Pramick says:

Loved the video. Looked like a textbook par to me on the 1st. Well played!

Richard Woods says:

To be fair I'd let her off with the place in the hay


You made me laugh and smile.The name of the title is correct

David Browning says:

Man I would give anything to play a round with you Matt and rick

glen riley says:

Made me smile even more now I’ve seen Carly’s leaked pictures ?

Eric Ganster says:

You were right Pete after a very crummy day I still manage to smile watching this thank you. ?

MIKE REA says:

You boys are a bit stiff this morning ?? Carly rocks ?

Roger Sturgeon says:

like it more when rick is wlth you 2

Benjamin Grams says:

Peter, I'm sure it's crossed your mind. But if you don't start putting the moves on Carly.. you're batty!

She's genetic perfection. And plays better golf that you AND Rick. Get the ring designed early and court the lady!

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