Young Mike Dunaway: Greatest Driver in Golf History

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Mike Dunaway was once the longest straight driver of a golf ball in the world. His clubhead speed and driving distance were already good, but when he started working with legendary instructor Mike Austin, his got even faster – and super straight too.

Dunaway impressed the editors at Golf Magazine and the rest is history. Mike became an immortal of folklore, taking on unreachable par 5's and conquering them easily.

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Marcus Rees says:

Question is: did he ever challenge Mike Austin? ?

Cred Fouples says:

Victory grips!

kidpoker007 says:

He does whit that club though the hitting zone

kidpoker007 says:

So does anyone here use the Austin technique?

mudddge says:

How could MD be considered the greatest if he never won a national long drive championship?

John1Brady says:

Was this before or after working with Mike Austin? No apparent forward press and address sequence different than from "Secrets" . Truly a phenomenal athlete with a golf club but one thing I liked better about Austin was his extended lead knee through impact where Dunaway typically had some bend causing him to have an extending knee post impact creating a rise after impact. Austin was simply smoother and likely even more powerful.

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