Your Golf Grip Affects Your Impact

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Your Golf Grip Affects Your Impact with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark helps more golfers from around the world through his iPhone, iPad or Android golf app called golf. This is a golf lesson swing video talking about how your impact and your golf shots can be affected by your golf grip. Play your best golf with simple and easy to understand golf lessons from Mark Crossfield.

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Mark Crossfield says:

Your Golf Grip Affects Your Impact:

DjTak3On3 says:

good methods Mark!

Zulfadhli Rahman says:

Great videos..after changing my swing recently which is more lean forward
forward.i got 20 yard distance in all iron shots including driver..but the
only problem is many pull shots which never happen before..any suggestion ?

Ian Blackburn says:

Congrats on the 100k subs Mark. Do you get any awards or status from
youtube for that?

trane1212 says:

Nice vid, what happened to the golf swing weekly fix?. 

Michael Barnett says:

I want to try this fix as I tend to scoop the ball and often hit ground
before the ball or pick it without a divot. One question though. When you
alter the club face 20 degrees then take a three knuckle grip, do you keep
the angled club face or line it up straight when placed behind the ball?
Thanks in advance

vho1117 says:

SLDR mini Driver review please~~! thank you!

MacClellandMan says:

Congratulations, Mark!

nickdasportsguy says:

Mark, you’re the best. If you ever move to the U.S., I’m taking lessons
from you.

SatsumaBomb says:

Nice video Mark.

Michelle Bodinnar says:

That was awesome!

KLS_x says:

100k subs :D

Bandit Baker says:

Great video Mark, very informative. I have been searching for shaft lean
for ages. Would the closed club head drill work for someone with a
conventional 2 knuckle grip? Could this drill be used on the course, or
should it only be used as a corrective drill?

Jason Parr says:

Number one reason why beginners should get a pro coach. I played for an
entire season with a “weak” grip. In ten minutes my golf pro had my irons
going 10-20 yards longer and my swing was much more fluid! Great tips Mark!

MrCheatreporter says:

Dont buy the latest club,go to a pro instead.Will help so much more than
the latest thing in your hand..

TheBcdan says:

ben hogan had a “weak grip” thumb of the left hand down the center of the
shaft #justsaying

joseph winscom says:

Mark, great advice for that man.
Mark I would like to send you a video if it’s OK with you of my swing? I
just have one question how many angles of video do you want/need and I’ll
provide you with it.
Mark, my thing is I broke my back nine years ago and I went from a guy who
hit a high draw to now a week fade or straight ball !
Mark if you have time to look a some video I work on getting it to you.
Thank you!
Joseph Winscom

Robert Hooles says:

I have used this method for a couple of years now and it really does work,
another good one from the king of teaching golf, keep them coming Mark.

Jordan Bowcock says:

Could you do a review on the TaylorMade 2014 Tour Preferred CB Golf Irons

oliver millen says:

Mark can you review the nike vr pro combo 2014

Nick Ruggiero says:

Good tip

pughy79 says:

Excellent video

SubliminalEnt1 says:

You realize there was a 25 second explanation of which app is which? Mark
your videos are great and keep them up but the explanations gotta stop haha
If people don’t understand by now well oh well

RingoFreakingStarr says:

I have an extremely strong grip (3 to 3 and a half knuckles showing).

ericwdcuhw says:

Hey Mark, love your videos, keep it up!

birdieoneforcorey says:

Mark…can you use that same technique for long and short clubs (woods and
irons) in order to find your faults??

Golfnovice24 says:

Congratulations on 100k wooowooo

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