Your ULTIMATE PUTTING Guide…..The Lost Art of Putting

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Your ULTIMATE Putting Guide ►
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In this first video of the Lost Art of Putting series me and performance coach Karl Morris talk through the first stages of becoming a great putter by looking at how you can change your putting story.

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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.


Ridwan Auladi says:

Create my story! Been putting with more technical and too much thinking

Michael McCaffrey says:

create my story

Nick Johns says:

As a returning player (after 25 years away), I find that I am far easier on myself than before. Going onto the course knowing that I am a beginner, not only do I not expect so much, but I can laugh, rather than cry, over my periodic ineptitude. This laughter means that I can enjoy the rounds for the whole experience, rather than just for the result.

Brian Robb says:

Create my story

Matt S says:

Create my storey, thanks ?

Keylan Kado says:

I have to say the biggest help to my putting game is setting up a routine. it may sound superstitious but if you can replicate success why wouldn't you? it's the same in basketball. ask any pro if they have routine for their free throws. repetition for success

Keylan Kado says:

create my story

Fun Hammer says:

The single best piece of advice for maintaining focus is to be honest with yourself and adjust your expectations. If I'm taking a putt that is 8 feet on an undulating fast green I'm going to honestly plan to make it about 50% of the time, 40% of the time leave less than a foot, and the rest of the time I just understand it was a single incident of me making an error in judgement. When you approach a task and understand your ability you can focus on the success rather than worry about the failure. I know I'm going to miss 1/2 the time here, and I might even miss terribly 20% of that time. I've acknowledged that, so if it happens oh well, but if I succeed I can also use that to celebrate.

Ben Dempster says:

Create my story

peter palmqvist says:

create my story

garnet harvey says:

create my story!?! love that you are doing this have been golfing for about 11 years and still cant seem to be able to be good at putting ! seem like what i practis does not always show up at every hole seems my miss is just a bit to the right !i will watch the rest of these and see if anything hellps . thanks love you stuff !!!

Gareth Brown says:

Create my story

claus seyffart says:

Create my story

Paul Beltz says:

Create my story!

Gareth Owen says:

Create my story

Old Man Golf says:

Create my story

mick19421 says:

Create my story; and make mea great putter.

Richard Blayney says:

Create my story

Matthew ThompsChan says:

create my story

Steve Jones says:

create my story. looking forward to the series and improving my putting.

Brian Treadwell says:

Peter – the first of your vlogs I have watched – I have much to catch up on – I like your approach a lot ? Karl is great coach . . . . I look forward to the remainder in this series

Dj Oakley7 says:

Create my story

John D says:

Create my story

Gary W says:

Create my story

TinyYahoo says:


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