10 of the longest drivers in golf

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10 long drivers on the European Tour
1. Wilco Nienaber (Average 340 yards)
2. Bryson DeChambeau (Average 322 yards)
3. Dean Burmester (Average 328 yards)
4. Dustin Johnson (Average 311 yards)
5. Gavin Green (Average 320 yards)
6. Min Woo Lee (Average 323 yards)
7. Lucas Herbert (Average 313 yards)
8. Ryan Fox (Average 319 yards)
9. Thomas Pieters (Average 314 yards)
10. Rory McIlroy (Average 318 yards)
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Captain Nemo says:

As many commented, Wilco looks so damn effortless, it's hard to even believe it. But what makes it even more insane is that most long hitters (especially long drive contestants) have a massive overswing (John Daily being the God-Emperor of this technique), but Wilco has more like just a 3/4 backswing, which is just bizarre. Is it possible that the overswing really doesn't help with speed, just maybe with timing and psychology for some people (at the price of accuracy)?

thomas holland says:

Ten longest drives and most of them we aren’t even told how long they were. 🙄🤷‍♂️

Camaro ZL1 Guy says:

Of course the golf ball doesn't fly too far.

Henchman67 says:

Burmester seems to have the “big man speed” a lot like Nicolas Colsaerts

Gunga Galunga says:

I'm averaging 290 yards. Playing off 15

Murphy James says:

There are days i dont drive my car 340 yards, let alone a golf ball.

jean lamer says:

et les mètres vous connaissez ?

uvarvu1 says:

Length envy and ball stroking

Njd says:

Ridiculous how far burmester hits it with his short backswing

Freddie Mullet says:

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Gerry James James says:

These guys are not even close to the longest hitters in golf. Maybe in PGA tour golf. Guys like Kyle Berkshire Justin James etc. are WAY longer.

carlos gomez says:

where is champ?? he should be 2 behind nieber…

L. Gyger says:

Wilco's swing looks so effortless compared to Bryson's. 340 yards average? That's absolutely insane…

Ryan Christofalo says:

The cruel poet finallly present because wish internally beam apud a material foam. illustrious, nappy clerk

Sathya says:

No Cameron Champ???

Buddy Hendrix says:

0:37 That's what she said.

MoneyIsSilver says:

Nienaber doesn't even look like he's swinging that hard. Bryson looks like he's killing it.

Andrew Hicks says:

Wilco is just effortless. Long levers, fast twitch muscles and epic timing. Frankly ridiculously easy distance.

Min Woo Lee is the one to watch though. Long, straight, easy swing and all round game. I would take his skills over any of the rest, maybe even McIlroy.

Dwayne Koblitz says:

A joy indeed.

Francis Kambobe says:

This guy Bryson is a beast.

rune reinert says:

brysons swing is so impressive but it is also the most ugly thing i have ever seen

Asa Ostrow says:

Whenever he hits driver, DJ looks like he's holding back and could really hit it 700 yards if he wanted to.

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