10 Secret Pro Moves – #3 Swing Easy, Hit Hard

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Ian lee Castilla says:

How much for online caching sir? Is there a minimum number of sessions? Thanku

Donald Lank says:

Left handed????

Julian Parrish says:

Best lesson I've ever seen on youtube!!

Michael Cerami says:

Great lesson, you helped me a lot! The sequence you explained has improved my swing . Thanks !

Ronnie Roberts says:

When I allow my hands to travel on a wider arc, my turn feels constricted. Is this what it should feel like? Please advise and thanks.

Rai Husain says:

Such amazing videos… I did pratice that arms falling back while transition and then let the club hit and it did hit so perfectly… However I am working over my consistency as squatting transition giving me tough time

Douglas Thornton says:

This is phenomenal instruction. I've taken many lessons, but this is so different and effective.

mpassell says:

Force = mass x acceleration
Making sure your foundation is supporting your swing will maximize the mass part. The change in speed is what then generates the rest of the force. It tends to correlate a bit with velocity in the golf swing based on the measurements, but the real force is the rate of change of the velocity.

sam adams says:

If your mechanics are good, rythem and tempo makes it efficent and powerful

Tom Lawson says:

can we think of dropping the butt of the club back and down to the ground on the Initial portion of the downswing to generate this motion of the club going down and up ? Tom Lawson

nige99 says:


gdlblues1 says:

Hello Chuck,great lesson.Let the arms drop first and have a small circle.That's also my missing part.Hopefully this spring we can be golfing.Thanks.

Justin C says:

I don’t get the message at 5:245:50. Cameron Champ’s hips are maxed out and have no where to go way before impact… and he’s the tour’s driving leader. Doesn’t that contradict this message?

Keith Bowman says:

I have benefitted from the free videos over the past 18 months I have now joined the programme to ensure my game continues to get more consistent and powerful as I fight off getting older. Seniors here I come! 👍

Carlos Jeffery says:

Chuck, Great video, the fact that you are working with golfers like me is awsome, your message gets more clear and solid, keep doing this please!,

John Harrington says:

For me , letting the right leg straighten a little on the backswing which gets the hips deeper and keeps me behind the ball better at impact , gives me easy power !

cmsima says:

Don’t the arms drop as you shift your weight and “squat to square”? Effectively – during the squat your hips are rotating but your arms are dropping vertically because your upper body remains coiled. Right?

Fred Earnest says:

Is there ever a lesson that has the lead shoulder hanging back too long?

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