100% the BEST GOLF CLUB i've tried in 2021

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The Average Golfer says:

I have made an error on the lofts which most of you will be aware of! 33* for the Pro and 30* DCB!

Tom Bain says:

Another great video. Can I ask you what distance yo carry your 3 wood and driver carries? Cheers

Som Num Na says:

Had the Apex Pro for 5 months and they are great. Tried the whole range in the shop and these felt the best. I was off 10 and now down to 8 now as I have been playing more and think these clubs have helped. I like the thinner profile as well.
My point is you don’t have to be single figures to use these.
Several friends now have them after playing rounds with mine which indicates how nice they are.

Tim O'Sullivan says:

Interesting but one thing I've never seen by golf YouTubers is any review of Yonex clubs. A few years ago I went to try out woods & irons with a view to replacing my old clubs. I tried various makes & coincidently opted for a Yonex Ezone driver & Yonex irons. The shaft of the driver has worn due to the padding on the metal bag dividers wearing out so I looked for a new driver. I searched through Ebay looking for a 2nd hand or new replacement for approx £200. I found a Yonex Ezone Series 3 with a 10. degree loft & a seniors shaft (I'm very nearly 75 years old) at ONLY £160.00 with the seller having excellent feedback. I bought it. When it arrived I was delighted (one of your favourite words) with it. I've never worried about the looks of a club, just its performance but the driver was superb to look at at address. When looking down there was a black head but a superb dark, bright blue covering to most of it. What I'm at last getting to is I've never seen any review or any Yonex club by any YouTuber golfers. Any chance of you doing so?

Charles Fitzgerald says:

Really good tips , Thanks mate you answered all my questions

William Stone says:

When all is said and done (and much is said) the short point is that the Callaway DCB irons are clunkers, pure and simple. Don't be misled by the 'forged' label. Feel is 'pappy' and the the so-called 'forgiveness' over-hyped. Bought a set – not cheap – and after two hugely disappointing rounds have thrown them away. What nonsense! If you look at this video even Andy can't bring himself to say too much in their favour: he concentrates on the Pro and the normal Apex in his comments. The DCB is another absurd hype from Callaway and I was sucked in. More fool me! Mizuno are lovely but ultimately too demanding, and in my experience Ping are the most genuine and offer the best value for money. Never again!

Jonis Strods says:

Show us the clubs. More pics.

Thomas Hansson says:

Brilliant as always.! Would be nice to have your opinion on the 4´th model in the apex line.. TCB I play is and very much enjoy it.!!

Dec McC says:

Hi! Great clip. Based on the reduction of price, would you still play these over the PXG Gen 3? I'm normally a Callaway guy but wondering if the price drop makes the PXG to big of a bargain. Please can I have your opinion. Thanks.

MrYoliss says:

Awesome reviews
Your doing a great job

RP Tucker says:

I bought a set of the DCBs and I love the way they look and I love the way they feel. Do I love the consistency? No, not at all. I am not a long hitter. but my distances are so consistent that I am a good iron player. But that's with my X14 irons. So I've been trying to find an iron I like better than the X14. The DCBs are longer. But one shot they are two clubs longer and the next only one longer than my X14s that is. How do I get close to a pin like this? They go straight which is good. But I hate having to hope it goes the right distance. I have read on forum the Apex 19 had this problem. If the greatest woman player(Annika S.) used X14s, why can't Callaway make an iron like that club? I'm going to keep the DCBs because after playing a few rounds with them, I pull out my X14s and I hit them better than ever. Lol I think that is because of the smaller face. I'm wondering if I should have bought the regular Apex irons. Oh well.

Monsieur Zoronov says:

great video, debating the apex, p790 or g425 for my next set fitting appointment booked and couldn't be more excited, great line up this year.

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