111mph to 119mph club head speed in 3 golf swings w/ Dr Sasho MacKenzie

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larrybud says:

Even McLean has come out and said his X factor was bullshit.

S Essien says:

If you have a well coordinated swing this is great! When I did not take the club deep enough on the back swing and swing into my right hip/glute, I would never be able to do this. The transition is smoother and faster! Thanks

S Essien says:

One great tip!

jeddyhi says:

Want longer drives? Loosen your grip to just enough so that the club will not fly out of your hands and loosen your arms so they are not flexed and rigid. Then in your downswing, turn like crazy. You will feel speed. The looser grip will let the club hinge naturally. Try it. Remember soft arms, soft grip. They drive it far in the LPGA and they are not muscle bound.

B Michael says:

Dude, get a haircut

kckrol85 says:


Insufficient Funds says:

Want faster club head speed? Swing faster. Lmao.

papa Hajek says:

Smash factor must me considered. If you don't hit the ball square and on the sweet spot of the club face, there's little to be gained from swing speed. Ball speed, combined with spin rate start with repetitive mechanics and are measurable and trainable. Club speed increases follow talent . Kind of like driving a car. If you can't keep it on the road at 20 mph increasing your speed won't help.

Mikael Ekman says:

Hahaha….that guy got it all to start with. The only thing he needed was someone to tell him to swing faster 🙂

Average Joe says:

Check out my 156mph LONG DRIVE swing I'm a upcoming WLD trying to get noticed!https://youtu.be/muZWRwZ51WY

squidly2112 says:

Hahaha.. this is funny. There are only 3 things speeding your backswing can give you. (1) an increase in wrist angle (lag), (2) stretch, across core muscles, (3) loss of control. Speeding your backswing is not a requirement to increase clubhead speed. Hello? .. ever watch World Long Drive Championships? .. several WLD guys have over 150mph clubhead speed without fast backswings.

Joshua P says:

aaaaand my slice is back! thanks!

Rich Brock says:

no matter how fast you transition you still need to have control ,if you're swinging 120 mph but cant put it in the fairway what good is it id rather have a 110 mph swing and hit the fairway

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