1997 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

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eazybleezy says:

Commentators in today's game need to take note of these old broadcasts and talk less while covering each tournament. They are the number one reason that people find golf boring. They are more mechanical than some of the golfers. Nobody wants to hear about how they need to play the shot every single time or tell alot of personal stories about the golfers and growing the game! The game is huge! It has been, was always going to be, and is only getting bigger. It is likely the most popular sport/game in the world next to only soccer. We are literally saturated in talent!
I really think that people tune in to see great shots and look at the views. You can't do that when someone is bombarding you with info. I love golf ALOT more than the average person. I follow every tournament on the PGA/LPGA & Texas golf. I watch the Golf Channel religiously and I still can stand the constant chatter.
You miss out on the chance to be visually enamored and inspired to go out and play!

gleaseball says:

Am I the only one who sees Tiger's ball move when he removes the lady's bag it is leaning against behind the 15th green? From what I can see he never moves it back….and if he didn't move it back, that is a violation of the rules….and he would have signed his scorecard for the wrong score, which is a DQ. Did Tom Kite win the 1997 Masters?

Luke Palmer says:

Bridge unknown save anxiety wrong drum mind moment save wild seriously.

J bLACK says:

Never forget His Dad was still alive


Really appreciate this AN, let’s those not old enough at the time to remember relive some of the truly great performances and with such high picture quality wow fantastic!

Rez072 says:

Destiny's Child?

Fultonfalcons86 says:

And Let the Legend grow…

Paul Busacca says:

Golden age of golf – Duffy Waldorf, Colin Montgomerie, Corey Pavin. Yikes. Tiger was – and still is – great. Dont get me wrong there. But it is no wonder Tiger had his way after turning pro.

TeslaEight 8 says:

Thank you for this!

Slice of Pepperoni says:

You could tell Rocca was getting angry at tigers slow play

nic defendis says:

No offense on this victory but you can clearly see in the field how weak the competition was. Now some of the better players were not in it this year in; Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, Vj Singh, Davis Love, and a healthy Fred Couples or sober John Daly… however you can clearly see the gap. Today’s player truly deserve respect, they are far superior than the players of the past.

Francisco Di Giannantonio says:

Who was the guy that disliked?

Stephanie Malley says:

Awesome video!!?? I put on my favorite on my list so I can watch couple times! He's so cute when he gets mad at the booth on 17th hole, even his smiles gosh??????

Viggo Bauman says:

2:09:47. I want to meet this kid who brazenly walks up besides Tiger and pats him a few times on his arm.

the next says:

Got a friend that was there when he was 13. So jealous.

David Aura says:

Thank you for this, The Masters.

Timothy J. Roberts says:

Young Feherty @ 6:55 Haha

greenriver2006 says:

this broadcast is impossible to find, thank you!

abstracthc says:

Why is Nick Faldo allowing the prestigious jacket to touch the ground??

Robert Landry says:

This is awesome. I love golf and love the masters. Hope real badly these videos from 1968 to 2017 not get banned from YouTube for a long time. It’s incredible to watch them

Marty151983 says:

It’s cool to see him shoot the shit with the gallery; how have things changed.. lol

Marty151983 says:

It’s unreal how much better the broadcast is with the late, Ken Venturi. I miss the ol fart

Hakeem Daud says:

can anyone make timestamp on everything for this video?

MrRmfd says:

“Destiny’s child”…. wow I didn’t remember that line from Nance.

O. G. says:

1:46:47 Champions Swing!

SuperDelo71 says:

Omg !! Awesome !! Thanks to you… Just hope you will release other rounds of this "iconic'" Masters 1997 victory.

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