2005 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

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greenriver2006 says:

This is epic

shn725 says:

Love the reaction of the guy at 3:54:38

Yellowdart24 says:

Can you imagine if DiMarco made any of the putts on 1, 3, or 4…

Ian Peters says:

3:50:44 Best shot ever given the tension, stakes and lie.

adampincente209 says:

This was the first Masters in HD.

MrTommyg024 says:


Look at how intense Tiger's concentration is right before he hits The Chip.

Marie Taylor says:

I can remember the 16th hole as if it was yesterday, but I cannot remember anything else that happened that year. I am a Tiger fan through and through.

Chris Campbell says:

Hank Haney trying to a get glance 3:55:10 lol.

Ikaika Boiser says:

The jealous haters have to do childish things like set off their car alarms to try and prevent Tiger from winning but it still didnt work wow.

Blair Malfara says:

Crazy to think Tiger had maybe his B+, B even B- game, and still got this done with key shots at key times. WILD!

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