2006 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

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francis1971 says:

And after his 10 at the 12th Rocco Mediate gets brushed.

cory kreutzfeld says:

Fred Couples is such a loser. 12 career wins and made the hall of fame.
What a joke

Grant Beban says:

@3:43:49 Probably the best attacking the hole shot hit into 16 outside of hole outs themselves and lip outs. but if I google Tiger 16th Augusta it just comes up with 2005's chip. so just making a mark so i can keep watching this.

Ryan O'Keefe says:

I thought Nance was going to say "Master of his domain" at the end :9

John Doiron says:

Who would downvote this video? Must be a Tiger fan.

Jordan says:

@2:24:58 gotta love the caddy going no shirt under his caddy jump suit! ?

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