2009 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

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Watch the complete final round and playoff broadcast of the 2009 Masters. Angel Cabrera defeats Chad Campbell and Kenny Perry on a playoff to become the first Masters champion from South America.


uppercaset12345 says:

Automatic subscribe.

shinzon k says:

wheres the part when he was smoking butts

Samprase 1 says:

Phli and Tigers run was special, almost had forgot this

MrSoulville14 says:

Wow… so nice remember that day…. Kenny Perry on the 16 smile like a winner. but Angel make a .great comeback and Win !!! 1 first Argentinien making story and make feel very proud.

Mike West says:

I remember this like it was yesterday, i remember him smoking like crazy and throwing a cigarette butt down on 17.

John Turner says:

Size of Cabrera's green jacket! He could use it as a parachute!

Naader Bajwa says:

This was the first Masters I watched. Really the first golf tournament I watched all the way through from Thursday to Sunday. Great memories.

Brett Sirum says:

Angel overcame a lot of adversity on this day. At one point 3 back on the back 9 and managing to save par in the first playoff hole. He was on the final pairing in 11’ and 13’ as well. Also Phil and Tiger really put on a memorable show here just couldn’t keep it together on the back 9

Darío Mansini says:

Para ver 1 y 1000 veces !

Federico del Bagno says:

Un genio el Pato !

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