2013 Masters Par 3 Contest- in uninterrupted HD

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A lot of our juniors perhaps don't realise just how much and why we look up to these 3 men, so perhaps this will help them appreciate just how highly we hold them in regard.
Watch Nicklaus, Palmer & Player play together in the traditional Par 3 contest.


zlALEXlo says:

Cool seeing an old time golfer in Jack Fleck play. Past away March 2014.

Paul EJ says:

People talk about Nicklaus, Tiger, Bobby Jones, Crenshaw,…etc being great
Ian Baker-Finch was one of the greatest putters I have ever seen.
He was brought up on the Melbourne sand belt courses….Phenomenal speed
control. his putting stroke was like watching treacle pour!
His biggest mistake was listening to the IDIOTS who said he needed more
distance off the tee to succeed in the US…….
What a load of crap that was at the time!!!
He was longer off the tee by a mile compared to Trevino…….enough

straight True says:

The golfing family at it’s best.

bigmaxy07 says:

Listen to the compression Gary gets on that ball at, what 80 years old?
Beautiful swing.

ricky100593 says:

Lucky enough to play the par 3 course when I visited Augusta a few years
ago. Unfortunately I pull-sniped my tee shot on the 6th and it ended up
hitting a member in the neck who was standing on 7 tee. Never did get to
apologize. He immediately ran off toward the clubhouse and to my
understanding was taken to the hospital

TheGolfShot says:

When will be you next post? Just wondering. 

Neal Ulrich says:

Why did YOU Posted this ?

stanlikedit says:

You are Gods vilips family, 2 hours sorted.

Shayler Dance says:

Wow that’s weird seeing one of my best friends in this(Charles Coody’s

Padraig Walsh says:

Thank you

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