2014 Masters Final Round Broadcast

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Ena Azcue says:

Thank you Augusta National!! Golf channel was not enough for my husband…now I lost him completely..

JR says:

Coming up 17 and talking about Bubba, the announcer says, "with a swing you wouldn't recommend…" Hey, the guy is about to win his 2nd Masters in 3 years but you clowns just can't lay off the "perfect swing" nonsense. There is no perfect swing. There is a swing that works and swings that do not. This swing works very, very well. I call that near perfect.

E in Vancouver says:

Jim Nantz's "17" destiny disrupted by Bubba! –

Alex Wandler says:

"soooftly, soooftly…..daaangit"

Cooper says:

Thanks for uploading. Bubba is such a great guy. Hope he has a great week at The Masters!

Ben Harris says:

These are amazing. Can't wait for the masters.

M M says:

What was wrong with this one?

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