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We would all love the be able to swing the golf club like Dustin Johnson or Brooks Koepka, but the reality is most of us cant move anything like the way these elite athletes do.

So in this video Chris shows you 3 things that you can do to add a little more distance to your tee shots if you feel that you have a few flexibility issues.



Galvin Green

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geoopa Opa says:

Thanks for the tips however it’s the stylish finishing right the way around with club behind my neck that l can’t achieve. So my question, is it important to do so or can l stop in kind of a 3/4 finish and will that cost me distance?

August Child says:

Thanks so much for this. I am not flexible at all and have problems keeping my arm straight whilst still getting rotation. I have naturally been lifting my left heel and bending my arm but thought it was bad form and tried to correct it.

Chulo0210 says:

Great tip that’s not just for older or less flexible golfers, I’m in my early 40’s and I use this tip and I ripped the driver over 300 a few times this weekend and when I wasn’t ripping it I was still driving 270-290 yards.

Fred Perello says:

Just more excellent advice. I'm very consistent with driver but would like a few more yards. Great advice Chris!

Peter Iles says:

Also helps to get a driver with a shaft suited to swing speed as I’ve found my swing speed has decreased as I’ve got older 👍

Helmotron says:

How to emulate a 70 year old hitting a 330 yd drive 🙂

Jordani Jovonovich says:

My advice is take care of your meat vehicle and gain flexibility, you only got one body

Luke ! says:

15 shots, that’s how long it takes to fix your slice. We’re totally serious.

Fuck offffffffff

jibboom2112 says:

Who you calling old??

Darren Terry says:

Due to injuries I struggle with flexibility down my left hip and left knee i tend to get too long in the back swing as I'm using my upper body do you have any tips to help this

alan harris says:

Great video really helpfull,, specially for seniors,, cheers Alan 🤗😎

Graham Humphreys says:

Thanks Chris, Just what I needed. I have been placing the trail foot a little splayed for a while, it has helped.

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