5 Steps To Instantly Swing Faster On Your Groundstrokes I TENNIS FOREHAND LESSON

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Relaxation is one of the secrets to take your game to the next level. In this tennis lesson, Jeff Salzenstein shares five steps to instantly swing faster on your groundstrokes. He explains how to develop proper ball control and feel, which is essential to increase your racquet head speed and create effortless power.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Common tennis forehand mistakes
2:30 Forehand grip
3:30 First Move
5:30 Forehand Finish
7:30 The Swing Path
9:00 Head at Contact
10:15 Summary
11:10 More from Tennis Evolution and Link for FREE MEMBERSHIP

Jeff rarely focuses on racquet head speed when he’s working with a player. He feels that it creates more problems when players are only concerned with swinging faster and harder. Jeff has seen a tendency to grip the racquet too tight and muscle the ball. Therefore, he prefers to emphasize on ball control and feel.

The first step is the grip. Jeff recommends having a semi-western or eastern forehand grip with your index finger spread. This will allow you to develop more feel and release the racquet effortlessly.

The second step is creating space on your first move. Most players get too close to the ball; thereby, struggling to get natural power on their groundstrokes. Jeff suggests pulling your off arm across and keeping it straight as you perform your first move. This will help you to extend the arm and let it accelerate naturally.

The third step is the finish, which is also related with generating space on your forehand. Therefore, Jeff recommends catching the racquet to ensure proper extension when playing. Likewise, Jeff advises to relax or “wiggle” your fingers at the end of the swing. This will help you to get more racquet head speed and swing faster.

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The fourth step is the swing path Jeff suggests swinging “out and around” of the ball to enhance your ball control and racquet head speed. He considers it crucial for creating effortless power on your forehand.

Finally, the fifth step is related with your head and chest. If you over rotate, move your head, and open up your chest, it will slow down your hand speed. Jeff advises keeping your head at contact and your body more stable. Both areas will directly impact your ability to swing your racquet fast naturally.

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About Jeff Salzenstein
Jeff Salzenstein is recognized as one of the top coaches in the world helping players all over the world with his on court expertise and powerful online tennis lessons. He has created several successful online programs that have positively impacted thousands of players of all levels from beginners to top touring pros using his cutting edge teaching methods…

Jeff was a top 100 ATP professional in singles and doubles and was the oldest American to ever break the top 100 in the world after the age of 30. During his 11 year pro career filled with injuries and setbacks, Jeff was determined to discover simple methods to make tennis learning easy and fun for himself and for all players committed to improving. Jeff is passionate about peak performance in the areas of nutrition, fitness, injury prevention, and mindset, and much more.

Jeff was also a 2 time All-American, national champion and team captain at Stanford University where he received his BA in Economics.

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Mahsa Shalileh says:

Actually Im playing your video then pause it and compare it with my own exercise video ! I can easily find out my mistakes but I hope I can be careful about them next time 🙁 cuz when we go to the court little points get out of mind , u know ?

Byran says:

Best of its kind!

Will Hopson says:

Good video. Getting people to execute these things is another story. Some people just don’t have a very live arm and it’s extremely difficult for them

Chris Grande says:

Great stuff

James Davis says:

My chest soft? How about my gut, that's plenty soft. I have to swing "out and around" just to NOT HIT IT. I'm a natural! I could make it all the way to Whimble Town! Hey, my swing is already pretty Funky Town. Thanks Jeff, good stuff, as always!

poida smith says:

What about your breaking the wrist tip on the follow through?

Don R. Mueller, Ph.D. says:

Swinging faster does not necessarily equate with hitting harder. Do you see the physics hidden in that statement?

Meine Wahrnehmung says:

I believe in all 5 Steps. Thumps up… BUT nearly 80% of your hidden balls – in the video – are going into the net… I bet.

Pearl Zheng says:

Thanks a lot for this awesome video. It really helps. I think it is quite different for the backhand. I am two handed backhand, do you have any other videos regarding the same topic of swinging faster?

Oliver Quast says:

Wonderful lesson!!! You should get the you tube award for this!

Magnus Thiele says:

These are arguebly the best forehand tips I ever heard. My backhand always feels natural and its my best shot but I often struggle with my forehand. With these tips my forehand instantly felt better. Thanks

Prasad Varier says:

Thank you very much. Quite useful tips…

Jay Malla says:

Excellent lesson! Very helpful information!


nice tips, thanks a lot

Mirian Bauto says:


Ming Ma says:

Great lesson, thank you so much. And if I want to make more power on my forehand, how can I use my hip? Is it useful?

Edmond Almqvist says:

So much fantastic content!

Felipe Souza says:

Do you have a vídeo about over rotation in forehand?

미국MA says:

You are really an excellent coach!

Terry Tsang says:

Wow! These tips are gold. Thanks for sharing Jeff

Monkey Dirty says:

I have a problem with my forehand which is that it sometimes goes to the net and sometimes it flies ten miles too long… What is the problem? Before i thought it was because of my late preparation and i started to focus on preparing early. But still i have the same problem. Now im not late so often but the Ball still sometimes flies ten miles too long and sometimes it almost bounces on my side of the court… Do you as a former pro player have any tips to fix my problem?

Franz says:

You are my definition of tennis. I wish I could play every day with you ! Amazing content, thanks goat coach 🙂

Hoosier Bud says:

That was an immensely important 11 minutes for me. Bravo! I'm a block-grip, death squeezer and a bent off-arm, ball too close kinda guy. Thank you!

ryan peterson says:

Fantastic Jeff… digging on your instruction from Argentina

Roberto Nuñez says:

Thank you very much Jeff !! Simply and Perfect !!

Mcweeever says:

The out up and around seems diminished when you keep your head still… but interesting concepts … thanks for sharing.

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