A quick compilation of some video I took at The Masters 2013 Practice Round in Augusta GA

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Zack Price says:

+Threepi80 I’m glad you caught that. It is the one thing viewers on TV do
not truly comprehend … the giant mounds and undulations around the greens
that make chipping and putting so difficult.

Dom Esposito says:

“Great Job” …. loved it all. 

Threepi80 says:

Nice. Finally, one gets to the the impressive ondulations of the Masters
greens, so for example 5:57 is a ridiculous green.

FACrazyCanuck says:

Thanks for posting. I was there on Saturday, alas no cameras, cell phones,
or electronic devices allowed and so many photo ops. Had a great day,

KaiserVonWilhelm1 says:

Hahaha Bubba at 1:58! Im dying at his response to that guy

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