A Wide Golf Swing Arc Gives You More Distance

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A Wide Swing Arc Gives You More Distance

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In this tip, I'm talking with Gary McCord about the width of your arc as you swing your driver. So many people I see start off well at setup with their arms extended. This position predetermines their widest swing arc.

The problem is once they get to the top they try to hit too hard. This causes the arms to contract thus narrowing the arc. To gain distance you need to extend your arms through impact.

Listen to Gary as he explains the feeling of full extension after you hit the ball. This is exactly what I am talking about and you need to get used to the feelings associated with full extension.

This really doesn't take long especially if you want more distance and you know why you need to be doing it. So watch this tip and keep doing a wide golf swing arc. If so, you will start to hit the ball longer than ever.

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Jacob R says:

This is a VERY important concept 💡.

James Salas says:

Paul the other guy was distracting

Jack Casey says:

Paul I've always enjoyed your videos. I feel like you and other instructors as well on YouTube would benefit from making more videos in the ballpark of this time length.

I, like a lot of people, have a short attention span. Too often when I see a video 10-15 minutes long I just get overwhelmed to click on it. But when I see videos between 3-5 minutes long, I know they are going to be succinct and straight to the point and I'll have an easier time watching it and absorbing the information.

Obviously some things just can't be explained that quickly but I feel like having some like that would help your subscribers and you in return.

Thanks for the great content 👊

DutchKnight says:

I ordered and received the driver. Took it out for it's maiden voyage. I will say this…

The distance, to be determined because I don't believe I was swinging at my full potential (arc, hinge, hips, etc.)

But it's the first time in years standing over a tee shot that I felt confidence. I was either on the fairway, or just slightly off. And I will take that all day, every day. I may have to put the ball back in my stance just a hair, but otherwise… love it! 🏌🏾‍♂️

Crono1508 says:

Paul Wilson, I know you probably have a set agenda for your upcoming videos. Al though I was hoping you would return to "On The Course Playing with Paul Wilson" videos again. A great example is your 2-3 year old video named "Powerful, Effortless, Pain-Free Golf Swing Hits It 320". You got a lot of views on that video, and that's something I speak for others would love to see again. You hitting 3 balls off the tee, and not cutting the camera off.

Austin F says:

Paul! Another great video and advice thank you. Question on the L to L we talked about…I was getting better square/even hooked ball flights but found myself slightly bowing my lead wrist before impact. Does that hurt me in the long run for the effortless/powerful body swing?

Chas 71 says:

Paul, best instructor on the net. I watch a lot of instructional videos and you make it easy to understand. Thank you

gargy2002 says:

I use the BS widen arc video drill with the recent takeaway backswing drills from YT and it makes a massive difference when hitting the ball. It's a bit of a struggle with the setup because I can't determine the right distance from the ball (this could be a great tip) yet but the ball still goes farther than before. Just a question Paul. I have noticed when I watched your slow motion swing videos that you slightly lift your left heel when you start the downswing and move it about an inch or two into the stance. Is it on purpose? Thanks!

Maverick9870 says:

Great video!!! Loving this series. Keep up the great work as all these tips have helped my golf game significantly. Anyone that doubts you has to be dumb 😋

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