Are the 2021 TITLEIST T100 IRONS better than the previous model?

We test the new 2021 Titleist T100 irons against the 2019 model to see what changes and improvements have been made! Stay tuned until the end to see a bonus T200 4 iron fitting!

0:00 // Intro
6:18 // PW Testing
7:53 // 7 Iron Testing
10:13 // 4 Iron Testing
12:04 // T200 4 Iron Fitting
15:08 // Conclusions

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

20 thoughts on “Are the 2021 TITLEIST T100 IRONS better than the previous model?

  1. I measure greatness by how available an iron is on the used market. Cannot get 714 AP2s anywhere, because they were probably the greatest Titleist irons ever made. Same with T100 2019. But you can get 716 all day long, because they were probably the least forgiving and a terrible address design. You can buy 2021 T100 any day of the week, because I think people realised they are essentially a mild hollow head design, and don't hit/sound the same as the previous model, hence why I went back to the old T100.

  2. The new T100 seemed more draw biased than the old version as it finished right for each club. Has anyone else noticed that these tend to draw more than other irons? I just got a new set and its nearly impossible to hit a fade (no issues with Mizunos). Could it be the tungsten placement? Has anyone else noticed this?

  3. Flew a 4iron 225 yards with a nonchalant half swing? Okay. And I have a house on the moon and $2.6 billion under my mattress also my name is Larry Bird

  4. Great review fellas. Admittedly, I downloaded this video for dudes golf swing. Incredible tempo and ease. This is the golf swing I am building, similar to Sungjae’s but more fluid. Great shooting sir, and thanks for reviewing these clubs. Just got my full set ordered last week

  5. I have the 2019 t100 iron set 3-P with dynamic gold x-100 shaft sand I really like these irons!
    I came from using mizuno mp32 irons/x100 shafts, they were just worn out! This is the FIRST set of Titleist irons I ever owned and wanted a
    very blade/muscle back iron and these were perfect!
    They are at least 12/14 yards longer than my mp32's (expected, as the MP 32's were older tech and more target than distance clubs).
    The factors I was amazed with;
    1) the FEEL was so good, the design and forging was better than I expected! After playing mizuno mp32's for a LONG time
    and mizuno WELL KNOWN for its forging, I was a little worried at first, but the Titleist transition was No problem!
    2) visual set up was NOT as bladed looking as mp32, but, still a good thin top line looking down at it!
    3) The Tungsten weighting was the biggest surprise! I thought it would NOT be that big a factor and turned out significant!
    The results were; the ball STAYING on line on even slight miss hits, the well struck balls went higher and stayed online–so well!
    All with a great feel and fast off the face! Working the ball fade/draw, was no problem!
    4) This next part was also a big change; OUT of the rough, the MP32's you need strong forearms to keep that face from twisting(I do),
    now the T100's does most of the work! with a LOT of stability!
    The thinner and knife like look on the top line is a big deal for me, as I am used to that with the MP32's and the NEW t100 look MORE bladed, but with the perfect muscle back design– just perfect for my taste!!!
    ONE simple change I would like in the t100 is; JUST a LITTLE LESS offset; just make a TOTAL copy of the offset of the Mizuno mp32 and you WILL have the PERFECT players club( IMHO)!
    These are GREAT IRONS! I will be saving to get the next set of T100 irons when I need them!!

  6. Just went and hit these for the first time yesterday. I told the fitter straight up that while I’d love to play them, in no way did I think I was good enough. (Currently a 16-18 unofficial handicap if my math works). I can’t believe how good these were for me. They were a little shorter than my current gamer (919 HMP), but so much more consistent with a little tight draw. For some reason the club that should’ve worked for me, the t200, didn’t and I was worried about the long iron consistency, so they pulled a 4i of the t100s and it was a freaking rocket. Now I’m trying to figure out how to somehow slip a $1500 set of clubs into my wedding budget!

  7. Seeing that T200 bent weak is EXACTLY what I was wanting to do with a set!!!!

    I love my traditional lofted clubs, but need forgiving irons, so the weak T200s really fit the bill!!! Same distance with higher launch and spin would really be nice.

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