2021 TAYLORMADE P790 Irons Review // + 2019 Model Comparison

We test the brand new version of the now legendary Taylormade P790 irons! See what improvements have been made for this generation 3 release, and don't miss the comparison to the previous model at the end of the video!

0:00 // Intro
4:10 // 2021 Model Testing
12:11 // Previous Model Testing
16:12 // Conclusions

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

12 thoughts on “2021 TAYLORMADE P790 Irons Review // + 2019 Model Comparison

  1. As a scratch golfer, I love my gen 3 P790's……had them in the bag for 6 months now with KBS Tour S shafts and they've made a massive difference to my game. Added 10 yards to each club but crucially I've been able to retain spin (Prov1x) ???? These clubs are not just for higher handicappers, so if you're a low handicapper, wanting a little help from your irons, I highly recommend.

    Cracking content as always Team TXG ????

  2. Great stuff gents. Always see what you guys make of new product for an honest, deep, deep dive into the technology, the feel, and the resulting data.

  3. Been playing the whole 2022 season with the new p790s and I love them. I carry 5i-AW with Cleveland rtx zip core 54 and 58 wedges. I noticed they mark up easily on the finish so I’ve used iron covers the whole season to avoid bag chatter. I clean them often- they are mint! 7i carry 170yd

  4. Enormous waste of money. Got a P790 2019 demo 7i and it doesn’t give anywhere near the feel of my mp60s. Sure you get more forgiveness but at what cost? Complete loss of feel or ability to learn what a truly clean strike feels and should sound like. Will never switch to p790s.

  5. I'm really struggling to get distance with my p790 2021 pw 100yrds 9i 120yrds 8i 131yrds my 7iron swing speed is 80-85mph I've not tested swing speed with lower clubs my driver swing speed is 105-110.

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