Augusta Masters Theme Song FULL

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The greatest tournament there is….. The Masters. Here is the theme song….. enjoy. I hope you guys love this music as much as I do. When I hear this music, all I picture is green fairways, huge roars, Tiger's chip in at 16… the 12th hole, Amen Corner, sunday roars…. This is what golf is all about. This song keeps me going when I think I've had enough golf for the day. It keeps me working hard at the game… It doesn't get old and always gets me goosebumps. What a tournament….

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Hello Friends…

Kevin May says:

If I get married, this will be the theme song when my bride is walking down
the isle, lol. Great tune

TheBagBalm says:

When I hear this song. I think of Tiger putting on the green jacket after
winning the tourney.

Saul Weinberger says:

I was born in Augusta, raised in Augusta, spent my entire childhood in
Augusta. As the final round of the 78th Masters Tournament rolls on, this
song adds to the magic of the Augusta National. I’ve loved this piece for
many years.

Teppo Einari says:

I wish one day in my life I can go to the greatest golf tournament 

Orlando Tragic says:

Jim Nantz’s wedding song?

John Osborn says:

3 unlikes how could this be.

Dan Hyman says:

Hello friends

genemeyer408 says:

Bring me young boys and Tuna…

Matthew Taber says:

Its that time of year again. Here is a piece of you might hear played a lot
over the next couple days.

Augusta Masters Theme Song FULL


XXKaHLuRZX says:

This song makes me think about the good in the world and makes me want to
help the poor. USA!!!

aldfjak says:

anyone know the theme music ESPN used for the masters a couple weeks back?
they had 2 themes when they showed the scores before commercial. both are
beautiful thnkd

tejadahada says:

@RebelGuy10100 your fucking crazy this song makes me want a glass of

Nick Tannahill says:


niv06290 says:

@zooch79 If that is true ….. you are THE MAN! lol! Enjoy your life – very
cool! Niv

Lester Norman says:

I’ve been to the course several times during tournaments and all. Kind of
nice having family that works there…..

Nick Tannahill says:

I have the flag and just took a picture of it.

CarolinasPGApro says:

may very well be the only video on youtube that does not now, nor will
ever, have any dislikes….

joerules829 says:

One More Week!!!!

Nick Tannahill says:

its not on limewire either. don’t ask me how I got it . lol.

Jordan Dodds says:

played this at my grandpa’s funeral he was a huge golf fanatic and taught
me everything I know and still gets me every time I listen to it even after
3 years after his death R.I.P grandpa always in my heart<3

bare92107 says:

I could be walking in a Mall and when I hear this theme, I know right away
what it is. “The Masters”. It’s perfect. i wish I could pruchase it,
I-Tunes doesn’t have it.

BoHoVsGolf says:

play this lovely music every night

Nick Tannahill says:

@pingdanny man it does everytime i play this music. it’s a drive. This is
the tournament I want to be in someday… Just hearing this music just
makes me want to go work hard, hit a few hundred balls, putt for hours…
this is what it’s about…. The Masters….

Bobo Jones says:

I like to play this song when I have sex. Gets me ready for the Hole in One.

DRlove428 says:

like this if you think verne lunquist has the voice of an angel….beautiful

djw80158 says:

As an Augusta, GA native, I especially thank you for posting this. This
song is indeed a rare find. Some 20yrs ago, I worked @ Augusta National as
a teenager in Concessions. Even in that regard, the experience of being
there was breathtaking.

bedlam36 says:

I have goosebumps as soon as I hear that piano riff. Just saw the
commercial on CBS.

Larry Porter says:

I just found out today that Jack had a neighbor kid who developed cancer at
age 11 and died at age 13. He and Jack made a pack that Jack would wear a
yellow shirt one day in every tournament hel played in. The boy “Craig
Smith” died at the age of 13. When Jack was getting ready to play the
Masters in 1986 he remembered his pact with Craig and as you can see Jack
was wearing a yellow shirt when the won the 1986 Masters.

lumpy46 says:

I love this song. Its my life’s wish, and a dying wish, that i get to play
‘amens corner”, and to walk the 18th fairway. It was my dads dying wish he
never got to see. Someday I hope I can just do that.

reniisgod says:

Couples….oh baby!!!

slicked25 says:

Prettiest course in the world.

Dan Kent says:


joerules829 says:

Shh. I think I hear Jim Nantz whispering something.

schmitty3100 says:

Song makes me horny. Seriously best effin song ever!

VTGolfer45 says:

is this on itunes?

dbtchamp says:

I steal the mic at every club event and mash the mic to my phone playing
this melody. Members are warming up to this and they love it. Club pro is
always a good sport. Good times!! Everybody loves it!

Cstel987 says:

AHHHHHH GUSTA…. your dog woods and pines…. they play on my mind, like

Don Beaner says:

I just wanted to thank the contributor of this song for posting this. I
have been trying to locate this piece in its entirety for many years, and
now, you did that for me. I will never forget this song being played in the
background during the final highlights of the 86 Masters while being
commentated by I think “Verne” Lundquist, as Jack Nicklaus surged birdie
after birdie to win his 6th and final green jacket. One of the greatest
moments in golf history. Thank you once again!

aktxag says:

The song is “Augusta” By Dave Loggins

Nick Tannahill says:

just play this youtube video. I really can’t tell you. I don’t remember

VancouverChokers says:

Groundhogs…nah, the hell with them. THIS music and the Masters are the
TRUE harbingers of spring….

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