Augusta National Golf Club Skimming Challenge

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Ash E-B says:

“I’m good at finesse, me…” – Splash! Brilliant haha.

T Golf says:

Aim for the drone next time.

Kr0pD says:

You HAVE to have a drone cam now.
I’m expecting it!

CJ Anderson says:

When I saw the title I thought you guys were going to be trying to skim the
club across the pond…

boothy100100 says:

toppy ploppy

leandrogutierres says:

Epic ending. You should by one of those toys to film your videos on the
course, so we can se where #CoachLockey right misses end up. :D

Mark Hedetniemi says:

Breaking new YouTube ground… drone cam challenge. Love it!

Anders Pedersen says:

How awesome it that Drone footage !!! WOAH !!! #nxtlvlParfield

Justin M says:

omg I choked on my gum right when Mark hit that first shot and I heard the
big plunk hahaha. Also Congrats on some other project as I watched your
videos on Yahoo this morning!

W. Jones says:

More drone footage in the future?

Tom Edwards says:

Drone & a new outro… I DONT LIKE CHANGE !!!

Andi Mayer says:

Toppy Toppy !

Eric Baldwin says:

Not going to lie I sing your little masters chair, Holly’s hair song now.
Its stuck in my head so thanks for that Mark.


Chris I says:

We need a lesson on skimming now, best balls, favorite club, correct face
to path etc. Thanks

CBkrr says:

top first shot, mark

iMondo says:

Chippi Chippi… Nice Work… Yawl!!!

Clash lover says:

So sick

Gav Dabill says:

Great stuff Mark #Topfield

Rico Schneider says:

Toppy toppy lol…

AvatarX-Mr.K- says:

Loved the Overhead view. Great Challenge

natedanaste says:

LOL @ Mark

Vesa Pasanen says:

Well done

sjjrsharks11 says:

Mark – Can you test out the DST Compressor training clubs? I’ve seen guys
using them while warming up on tour. Thanks!

Digby Howis says:


Kelly Tarter says:

lol Topfield

Jonathan Canning says:

Where were u?

playaplayanomore says:

I like the new ending!

liam miles says:


jppongo06 says:

Love the aerial shot from the drone. 

Steve Goodwin says:

I have just been watching your vids to help ME stop topping the ball !!!
Love the vids guys. Nice work, please keep it up

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