Augusta National Home of the Masters

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My never ending attempt to catch a glimpse of my favorite golf course, Augusta National home of the Masters golf tournament.

The best opportunity came near the 4th green. Yes I got a peek. but I had to climb a tree to get it.

One of these days………………………….


Kevin Velez says:

I’ve lived in Augusta all my life and never been, last year I got a job and
have to say the place is a lot bigger than it looks. Can’t wait to work
this year.

mrUMMbongo says:

didn’t know that mate, but you can also buy tickets. i looked for this
years masters and i was quoted £6000 + for 4 days (about $9000) But that
was flights and hotels etc

brendomatic1 says:

I’m surprised they open up a view of the yard with the logo in front of the
clubhouse. That’s the best thing you’re going to see.

David Walker says:

Do they aren’t attainable by normal folk.

TheScottyray12 says:

I live on mile form the club and it is amazing how many people drive to
Augusta thinking they can just walk in

Jim Richardson says:

I had actually been in Augusta back in 1978 and I stopped at the golf
course. So I knew it was like Fort Knox. I just can’t believe how difficult
it is to see any part of the golf course from surrounding streets etc. I’ve
read that if you play the Augusta municipal course that a hole rubs up
fairly close to Amen Corner. If I ever get back there, maybe I’ll play the
muni course and see it that way.

silgneb says:

what a beautiful magical place they got it on lockdown

TheScottyray12 says:

@rich2376 No not even close. it Augusta Country Club that backs up to it.
Before i moved here i came up form Columbia to see it and could nto believe
ihow hard it was to see anything. I;m hoping to get an open slot this year
to be a gallery guard on a hole my fahter in law works on. I love this
place to and am fortunate to get to attend every practice round.

auggator66 says:

berkmans road allows a quick glimspe of the 5th fairway. It will soon be
blocked off,as the national is buying up all the property across the street.

brendomatic1 says:

I didn’t know about that. All I know is that you fill out an application, a
limited number of applications are selected, then you pay for the tickets
IF you win.

cal2arms says:

@rich2376 actually it is not Augusta Muni.. it is Augusta Country Club. So,
no chance you will get close. The Muni is over by the airport

taylorcowden says:

@rich2376 Its not Augusta municipal you have to play the Augusta Country
Club to see that. You can see Amen corner from one of the holes and vice
versa. I live about a mile from the course.

anothertalkinghead says:

A few holes at Augusta Country Club border Amen Corner, and there’s an old
apartment complex right behind the 13th green. I’ve heard stories of people
jumping the fence at night, playing a couple of holes in the dark and then
running away before they got caught. The municipal course, known by locals
as “The Patch,” is way over by the airport.

logyscott says:

Your wife is very patient to put up with your hobnobbing!

Jim Richardson says:

“Snuck on”? That place is like Fort Knox! How did you sneak on? When we
were next to the 4th green there was a drainage pipe that my wife was
suggesting a crawl through to get to the other side of the fence. I didn’t.

auggator66 says:

@rich2376 thats augusta country club you are referring to. I believe it is

oakstick1 says:

Why dont you just save yourself a lot of trouble and buy a ticket to the
Masters to see the golf couse

mrUMMbongo says:

if i ever win the lottery il pay for both of you to go and watch the
masters, only if i win alot though…

Jim Richardson says:

Thank you. It must be a Canadian thing. I grew up in Windsor, Ontario.

brendomatic1 says:

You don’t need a lot of money. You need to win tickets through an
application process. They’re only $50 for practice rounds and $75 for
tournaments rounds. But you can’t choose which one you win.

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