Augusta National – Inside & Behind the Scenes Access

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Wade Williams says:

Do you guys work with Shawn Clement as an instructor?

Brad Hansen says:

Wow the level of perfection that goes into taking care of the course. And the clubhouse ?

Jim Richardson says:

Nice video. What a thrill that must have been for your daughter (and parents). Nice to see an Ontario girl make it to the Masters.

Jake Carlisle says:

never seen inside the clubhouse before.

Jake Carlisle says:

so cool you were there to support your sister.

Chris Burns says:

Nice vid!…good job Elaine!….I'll bet you guys get tired of announcers butchering you name…..

dan man says:

is elaine the next lydia ko

Davidcarroll Golf says:

How many hours would u practice in a day and wath would u practice with out playing any holes

Ben Studer says:

Ok I use the Taylormade penta

Cameron Whitaker says:

What place did Elaine finish?

Ben Studer says:

What kind of golf ball do you use

Ben Studer says:

I'm just getting into golf and you have helped me a lot keep making videos

Ben Studer says:

You are awesome

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