Augusta National: The Masters – Sunday Practice Round

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Chris Pellatt says:

I really like the camera position on the back of the 10th tee. Normally we only get to see the front on shot of the player (during televised competition play) but by looking down the line you really get to appreciate the drop off from the tee.

conradm7 says:

Do they offer practice round tickets on Sunday now? I thought practice rounds were during Mon-Fri?

Golfholics says:

Those awesome shots made me watch the entire video!

KaiserVonWilhelm1 says:

This is some of the best footage of the actual grass and the conditions, how perfect they are. Your so close to the greens and tee boxes, and really your camera is really hi def that you can see it perfectly. Thanks for this

cgasucks says:

Sunday Practice Round?? Practice Rounds are usually Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Gaston King says:

who's the player at 2'10 ?

KE Deas says:

This was NOT open to public and only select few had access. More people have access to practice rounds which are distributed thru a lottery and probably run in the 1 in 200 chance of receiving.

ItsVarialzYT says:

few years time you will be teeing off at augusta

Dylan Springett says:

come on Angelo that's Kevin Kisner.

Olivia Fishman says:

You're so lucky! Thx for keeping me updated with the masters through your videos!

Mason Dropkin says:

It was so funny, I ran into you this morning and I was like, "Hey! I watch your channel!" Awesome seeing you out there.

Derek Chavez says:

when does your sister play and good luck to her

Thomas Tierney says:

I went to the tournament last year. It is amazing. Are you there for all 4 rounds?

Arlen Des Champ says:

This video is awesome

Anto Máquina says:

Best wishes to the Spaniards And Jordan

Jason Kaplan says:

Lucky man. Have a great time

MD_18UndaPar Matty says:

This is awesome. Have fun Barah. Do you think you will take up the #NoTCh ? Keep being awesome ✌?️

Stephen Butler says:

Thanks for taking us around with you on the practice round!

Patrick Escalambre says:

Lucky! Is the grass as perfect as they say?

siloleeserestonto Casillas says:

Its free entrance in practice rounds?

Chris Burns says:

Very cool! After you win the Canadian Am or the US Am you're there! In the crows nest….

Mike H says:

That is awesome you got to go around Augusta! I'll be attending a practice round at the Ryder Cup and I couldn't be more excited!! The course is about 20 minutes from my house.

Leonard Lee says:

how did you get the chance to be present at Augusta! It has always been a dream of mine to see Augusta National in person :') Thanks for posting this up! it's a great way of sharing your experience with many of us who can't be there in person

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