Augusta Titleist Tour Truck Visit

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Ryan Murphy says:

He’s not wrong Spieth is a titleist guy!!!!

straight True says:

Don’t count your chickens guys. Dustin Johnson had 3 eagles and a birdie on
the par 5’s yesterday. But yeah, I agree, it will be a near impossible feat
to catch Spieth now. I got the ‘big easy’ top 10 finish at 12-1……. but
it looks like now all the top guns are playing well ! ( except for Rory
hahahahaha )

jofarrell4 says:

are you now with puma instead of bunker for your clothing now?!?

Sven Hallauer says:

The tour truck guys were correct, a Titleist guy won the Masters.

Shaun Cumming says:

I’ve been on the Titleist Tour truck, it was at The Open at Muirfield 2013.
Butch Harmon was on it just chillin’, it was so cool!

Patrick Sullivan says:

Who’s going to win? A Titleist guy. He wasn’t lying

Christian Cunningham says:

Very cool.

JAG sixtyfive says:

Interesting that Erik Compton changed shafts to get a little more
Swing/ball speed. And there was me thinking that shafts made no difference
apart from feel!! Oh well, obviously a PGA Tour Pro doesn’t get the time to
view a Youtube Warriors vids on here then. Lol.

Simon Hudd says:

Beavis. he said penal.

TheDanbarian says:

Love this not enough behind the scenes vids about. Good interview also.
Like the stepbrothers quote on the wedge.

Bob Hillfield says:

Great stuff

Ryanmc1302 says:

Are you sponsored by puma now? Is this the end to your impartial club and
shoe reviews??

TMLROCKs101 says:

Not a Titleist guy myself but interesting to see that a Titleist user is
winning right now! Hey Rory was once with Titleist and hes rank # 1…
Seems they are stepping up their game!

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