Best Hybrid 2021

TG Test Pro Neil Wain and Equipment Editor Simon Daddow test and review the best hybrids of 2021.

We narrow down 17 of the leading hybrids to our favourite six models of the year, and show comparison data for all the leading options.

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Get more information about all of our Best of 2021 models below

Callaway Apex 21 –

Honma T//World GS –

TaylorMade SIM2 Max –

PXG 0211 –

Srixon ZX –

Ping G425 –

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27 thoughts on “Best Hybrid 2021

  1. Thanks for the video. I am considering purchasing the Homna T//World GS Hybrid. I noticed it is draw biased – did you find it caused shots to always move right to left?
    I play to 18 handicap and could do with the club's forgiveness but I don't tend to slice the ball to often. Could this exaggerate a hook? Thanks!

  2. I had to pause Video a few minutes in lol,, there's no possible way Neil is hitting any shot 25 yards left or right of any target lol no way ,, sweetest swing on social media ,, no doubt and I need to correct a statement from wedge video I called Neil , a differnt name so apologies!! Thanks back to video ,, ????

  3. Literally went and hit the Cleveland HB Turbos.. liked them… but LOVED the Tour Edge E521… don’t be a brand snob.
    The Tour Edge E521s are sweet as hell and I hit them a ton better.
    I gave up on my PINGs btw…

  4. The Hogan VKTR is four years old, your hybrids have variable degrees, this was not a good test. I have the VKTR and I am not a long hitter, by any means, and I can easily hit it 215, not sure how it ended up dead last hear when it is tops on many other lists.

  5. With regard to dispersion, wouldn’t standard deviation provide an indication? A common issue with hybrids is a left miss for right hand golfers, so dispersion is definitely a challenge.

  6. Are any of these clubs not made in Communist China by slave labor so the companies can squeeze out more profit? Why do people not care that all our manufacturing jobs are now gone just so shareholders can make an extra buck?

  7. This helps me with my hybrid decision. I have the new PXG 0211, purchased for $94per(discount if you call in) and for the price & performance of the hybrids it’s a slam dunk.

  8. Enjoyed the video. As always I love how you compare the data differences between manufacturers. I find these videos very helpful! Keep it going!

  9. The loft differences are crazy! How do you pick the best when they and not equal? Bend the lofts and make them equal and let's see how it goes.

  10. It's so sad to see you guys do a ton of work just to fail becaus of few lazy mistakes..

    "Dispersion problem" of yours is so easy to fix ????‍♂️ Check out MyGolfspy for example.

    Ball marketing, you guys seriously run an ad for Callaway, then rave on about why you use the ball because of this and that, bullcrap. Flagged this video for not having an a warning of containing paid ad's.

    You seriously excpect us to believe any reviews you make since you take money from one of the brands you are "reviewing". "We didn't previously like Callaway hybrids, but this year for some magical reason it's in the top 5" ????????????


  11. Can you change the dispersion figures to say
    both 20yards right and left are both a minus 20 and maybe add a bias at the end of all ie 10 shots

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